Who would have thought Kagame atauza nchi



Kagame is an American puppet, america ndio walimueka hapo and he can be dispose very easily akileta ujuaji, actually he is the most vulnerable president in the whole world

Third eye.

Our elder statesman M7 tu ndio amesimama kidete.

Once he is gone, East Africa will become shogaland proper.


All these gender, sexuality stuff goes back to the garden of Eden. Aren’t you curious to find out what really happened?! It’s wild how even the most conservative of societies are falling into the trap of that evil one.

Museveni and Kagame are the biggest Western allies in the subregion… Sijui kwa nini akina @LuandaMagere wanapenda ku categorise hawa wasee as Bulwarks against Western imperialism in Africa.

Kama yeye ni mwanaume, let him sign the Bill.

You probably think Gachagua’s wife is a genius

A river road black market fake degree holder uses one single tweet to create a big topic , enda pewa busaa kwa mama Pima ukitoka kutarmack shenzi

outside KIGALI , RWANDA is a fourth world country. hizo ujinga za homosexuals mashinani zitapingwa kabisa . kwanza Hutus wataanza noma na hio upuss

I strongly oppose the bid by Museveni to remain in power forever but his stand on LGBTQ matter makes me to think otherwise

Kagame has closed thousands of churches over the last few years. Once the church is neutralised or cowed into silence the society usually goes downhill from there.

You can’t be serious. Find me just two gay people who were caught, taken to court or sentenced to a prison term in Uganda. Just two.
And yet hundreds, perhaps thousands of political prisoners are locked in in military jails for just wearing a red beret. Sometimes I just want to cry, how daft can you be to believe all this hogwash??? You people who suck on his cock lost your minds and critical thinking abilities??
Not surprised, you a real bonobo!

Are talkers finally turning on their favourite dictator? You love to see it. Now going forward sitaki kuona mtu akisema “Kenya needs a Kagame”

tunaelewa hii story yote juu chini

I suggest you follow Ruvoyage Fils de on facebook. Hesa Rwandese and a hutu who fled the other unspoken genocide into Congo. He shares a great deal about Great lakes Geoplpliticsand the atrocities these 2 have committed.

Huyo si ni a genocide denier? Ama?

there were 2 genocides, the openly acknowledged one, as well as the retaliatory killings Hutus by RPF. this is not spoken about. Anyone who does (like Victoire Ingabire) get persecuted by the state.