Victory speech


KDF instructed jubaland forces to widthraw and gave them shelter/protection at kdf camps …that ended the war

Shortest war in history

Skinny on the mounted gun looks like he is about to take a dump, I bet he is bingwa’s retarded cousin

one way of identifying a shitty fighting force…“idiots firing at targets they don’t have”… like now what are they shooting at?
Another thing Somalis have this bravado , that they are brave fighters, war is not won by bravely these days…
it’s resources and brains…which they lack…

If you see them all over the internet claiming how they will conquer NE and Ogaden, it’s the same mentality that has brought them where they are…

@Introvert would have made brilliant caricature. any way fuq u admin.

Yes @Purple kindly tell these people why you chased away @Introvert and his gang.

Also explain why you and your fellow mod @Motokubwa blamed the exodus on me. Why did you lie that I had bought your website?

Why @Purple do you read people’s inbox messages and use them as weapons?

You read introvert’s messages and even hacked his account and locked him out. You have also read my inbox message and @Motokubwa presented the details here.

Kindly explain yourself @Purple why you engage in such lies. Cc @administrator , @admin , @Mundu Mulosi , @Electronics4u .

Today @Purple , @Motokubwa , @administrator , @Electronics4u , @Mundu Mulosi explain to this people why you chased away introvert and his gang and why you lied that I had bought your website.

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What is your job on kenyatalk? What crime had introvert committed for you to chase him away and lie to him?

You people are thugs.

how many minutes? ile ya zanzibar ilikua 38 minutes