Who wins these jackpots, lotteries etc?

I never see winners. And with how boastful Kenyans can be. They would’ve been all over social media showing off

Seems hujui @johntez addi gaza msafi vizuri. Parading your affluence to bonobos might as well be tying a noose around your neck save for the coersion to give up the money by thugs,kidnappers,family,cops…
Learn from the jamaicans mtu yangu

Huu ni uwongo mtupu

:smiley: :smiley:

Sisemi kitu.

Jackpots are real. I’ve witnessed two cases za bonuses. Over 2m and another of a small change above 450k. Meaning kuna mtu anaweza kuwa favoured zianguke zote bahali yake.

I managed 13 50k, but kitambo sana before sportpesa ya kwanza iondoke juu ya tax.