Who wins AFCON

Afrobeat, amapiano,ndombolo or coup de cale.



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Hiyo ya SA vs Nigeria ati ni No Lights Derby


Cote d’Ivoire have been written off every single time since that humiliating defeat to Equatorial Guinea. A few minutes from elimination by Senegal. Somehow made through. Again against a pretty solid Mali. Somehow still sneaked through. Clearly a proverbial cat with nine lives in this AFCON '23.

Super Eagles are also not a complete unit. A bit disjointed and non-fluid. It’s why Osimhen ain’t firing on all cylinders like at Napoli. Coz the supply is weak. Like Haaland when playing for lowly Norway.

Super Eagles also tend to bottle it when they go into anything as heavy favourites. France '98? Naijas are prematurely celebrating the early elimination of the majority of teams considered stiff opposition. Their boisterous, arrogant nature in such situations is likely to work against them.

Cote d’Ivoire are erratic, chaotic and wildly inconsistent. In pure footballing terms, they weren’t supposed to get this far, even on home soil, but sadly, they might take it next Sunday… The home factor will get them over the line…


Ndombolo will carry the trophy

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Nigeria vs DRC final. I think Nigeria are favorites but I would prefer DRC wins it.

Shifo Ile bet yetu iko on. Ulikuwa una support Cameroon, walishaenda home. Sasa Nigeria wanaibeba asubuhi na mapema

Yes Nigeria looks like the favourites right now but expect surprises


South Africa playing good football, better than Nigeria actually. I now hope to get an SA and DRC final. Hawa west Africans wakwende


Game on

Satafreeka wanapoteza mabao bana…

Seuth Efrika looking for penalties.

Penalties it is

William saved nothing

Bana ba Congole waingie sasa wapipinye Mtu…

Washa niwakaribiiche…

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AFCON Winner
Mr 150 AKA Sir Panua

Shifo you see… Nigeria on top once again.

Nigeria Ddnt deserve to win that game, watarambwa whichever the team they play with in the finals.

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Sometimes football can be complicated. Ivory coast are in the semis…wamefika hapo kimungu Mungu tu and may win the game against ndombolo Boyz.

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Ndio hao wanaenda finals.

The twelfth man is working hard

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