Who will unite Luyhas?

Why are luhyas been treated like this despite been the 2nd most populous community in Kenya? why do they let Raila bully them when one of their own could easily get more numbers???

I support regional politics, this is not tribalism, everyone has an identity… if based in Kenya your identity is tightly tied to your tribe…


The Orange Democratic Movement has hit out at Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi for linking a “leader of a National Super Alliance (Nasa) coalition” to the ouster of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula as Ford-Kenya party leader.

In what threatens to tear Nasa coalition further apart, the Raila Odinga-led party also took a swipe at Mr Mudavadi’s further claims that Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli had a hand in the Ford-Kenya “coup.”


The ANC leader on Sunday issued a statement that the ODM party views as directed at its leader Raila Odinga.

In the statement, Mr Mudavadi accused a politician he only described as the leader of a “Nasa party” as an architect of the Wetang’ula ouster as Ford-Kenya leader.

“I am aware that this mischief has been in the making for some time now. It is calculated to invade and destabilise all independent minded political parties.”

Sisi wote tuko nyuma ya papa @uwesmake

Indeed. And who will unite Kenyans?

Atwoli or some luhya with more cash to buy loyalty…

A Giriama will be president before a Luhya ever is. They are a treacherous lot them Luhyas. Always scheming within the subtribes and clans.

They have 19 subtribes and several hundred clans among the Luhyas. And very many languages.

In fact there is nothing like Luhya. When you say Luhya it would be tantamount to clamping the Kikuyu, Embu ,Meru and Kamba into one tribe.

Ama nimekosea @Abba ?

Nimewachia hapo. Cant read further. Let me answer @T.Vercetti questions

You are very very right mzito. Each luhya subtribe have their own dialect. Clamping all of us together is like mixing tomatoes and apples.

Something funny if we go with this clamping stuff, then the Bagandas and Gishus of Uganda belong to luhyas …which is impossible btw.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Why do I suspect Mudavadi to be a beneficiary of such an ouster, the man who seems to have your back is usually seeking a soft spot to slip the proverbial dagger.
Wetangula your enemy is Mudavadi

There is nothing like Luhya unity. Huko they vote for the individual. Hao si watu wa kuekwa kwa gunia moja. That’s why utapata Jubilee MPs, ODM, ANC, Ford Kenya etc… ata 2007 Kibaki got quite a chunk huko. Independent voters

Luhya unity is a myth. If you meet a Luhya he will tell you mimi ni Bukusu, Bunyore, Maragoli etc. The Maragoli who are MaDvDs people don’t even consider themselves as Luhyas, they’re a special echelon all by themselves. Same thing with Kalenjin. He will tell you mimi ni Nandi, Kipsigis, Pokot, Tugen etc, with the Tugen being Moi’s people also considering themselves as special Kales.

In fact most tribes in Kenya are not really united in the way we claim, they just rally behind 1 or 2 people on the ballot to stamp their tribal authority once every five years. Even Luos believe it or not have their differences. The ones in Homa Bay sides are considered ‘rebellious’ or independent minded depending on who defines it, and if you are not from Kano don’t bother running for any seat in Kisumu or it’s environs. Even an endorsement from Baba won’t help you. But come election time they all vote Baba.

Talk of GEMA, isn’t it true that almost all the major players in business and politics come from one village? One county? Yet Central is vast. When have the Meru and Kikuyu ever seen eye to eye? Only on the ballot when it’s time to rally behind ‘their’ person.

Every tribe does this. They merely set aside their differences temporarily to back one horse. So this talk of luhya nation, luo nation, GEMA, kalenjin nation is bullshit. You cannot expect entire ethnic groups to all be on the same page all the time, that’s why politicians whip up our emotions and polarize us to get us to vote amorphously. It’s time we started questioning these narratives because it’s clear the media will never do it and neither will politicians as it directly benefits them.

hapo sahahu…luhyia are a very non tribal entity…we want a United kenya

Interesting this new Power Play in Luhyialand piting Atwoli vs Madvd vs Weta

You can be sure that, Atwoli, being in Konyagi’s kitchen cabinet, has the full blessings of Uhuru in whatever scheme he is trying to pull off in Wesdern

Kenyans should be more like the Luhya when it comes to politics. This will make politicians work harder to prove themselves.

There is nothing like independence. The diversity in politics and other aspects of life in Mulembeland is simply due to deep-seated differences between the subtribes. For example, if the Bukusu today decide to head towards Lake Victoria, the Maragoli will take the opposite direction and head towards Mt Kenya.

Not really. Voting huko is based on the person na kuna alot of dynamics. Si unakumbuka Weta barely won the senate in 2013 despite being a principal kwa cord. Na kwa wamaragoli, Moses Akaranga was voted out as governor Mnyore akachukua yet Maragoli ndio dominant tribe hiyo county. Hakunanga ati Nasa wave, Jubilee etc… ni kazi yako as an individual

Mudavadi and wetangula have been rebelling atwoli’s advances of being a luhya kingpin. Unlike mudavadi, wetangula owes atwoli over 10M, which he has not been compliant to pay.so atwoli anaona jamaa amejaa kiburi.that’s why all this afrocinema

Don’t make a mistake here. Gema is three distinct tribes which are even recorded separately during census. Gikuyu, Embu and Meru. Not like the Luo or the Luhyas. Their political unity since independence is a baffling phenomenon. In fact, they share nothing in common.

There is some truth in that.

Luhyas are also distinct tribes which are bundled together for political reasons. Kenya has more than 100 tribes