Who will trust Kikuyus again?

Before the 2005 referendum and before the 2007 elections that gave us post election violence that mainly targeted kikuyus, I used to live in Eldoret and frequently traveled to western. Throughout that region, I heard one thing constantly: never trust kikuyus, they are not good people. I took it as a stereotype because many people saying so had obviously not interacted with kikuyus at a personal level.

Since then, we have had two elections. Before the elections of 2012 and 2017, ODM was warning Ruto and Kalenjins that Kikuyus will not support Ruto for presidency in 2022 or any other time because they are not known to reciprocate. Basically, the message was: NEVER trust kikuyus, they only care about themselves.

Now, seeing Uhuru perpetrating what Ruto had been warned about must be very satisfying to ODM. Surprisingly, Kikuyus are teaming up with ODM. What I am reading from all this is that Kikuyus are willing to dilute leadership at the top, not to usher in an accountable leadership structure, but to deny Ruto what he supported Uhuru for.

Kikuyus have always supported a presidential system. Ruto broke up with Raila, who wanted a parliamentary system, during the Naivasha talks on constitutional reform, and teamed up with Uhuru to defeat Raila during the talks.

The question is, why is kikuyu leadership changing tune now? Is it because it is their time to reciprocate?

Kikuyu leadership, lakini huku chini tunasema liwe liwalo

  1. Ruto has said 1 million times that Kikuyus don’t owe him anything. Wewe ni nani kusema otherwise??

  2. Mt. Kenya leadership do not speak for Mt.Kenya voters. I remember Uhuru promising Ruto support in 2022. Uhuru has one vote. As a Kikuyu, I don’t remember promising anyone anything.

  3. It will be a good day when you bonobos learn that politicians from Mt. Kenya speak for themselves, not for the voters on the ground. When a bunch of 20 MPs promise you votes, they can only guarantee 20 votes…comprende??

Wacha mindgames naniii .

Raira ameruka kalonzo MOU Mara ngapi na pia amevunja parties ngapi?

So tuseme wajaluo wasi aminiwe?

Wacha ujinga . those are just agreement’s politicians have and not a whole community

Betrayal politics of MOU of 2007 was under tribal politics where communities had spokesman.

Jubilee politics of 2020-22 is different where 99% of Kikuyu community has taken up DP Uncle Ruto as their own. So betrayal politics will be an individual choice not community. It doesn’t end there. Change is an evolution. Moses Kuria wants to advance this quest in central after he toured western, coast and nyanza. He realized former President Kibaki and now President Uhuru started a lot of projects there to spread inclusiveness. So MK has told DP Uncle Ruto that he will have to fully support each of central counties projects to carry that favour to the ballot. Support will not for free. Each central and Mt. Kenya county will give them their own prioritized projects and areas for development. If he doesn’t do them then second term he gets no votes from the region. All other candidates should expect the same.

uliacha kusolicit mapilsner from wazee?

Mimi sikumbuki mahali nilikaa chini na Ruto nikamwambia 2022 liwe liwalo :D. Kama Kalejingas walielewa wakikuyu wote waliwaambilia kura, walichezwa na viongozi. The only people who promised you votes are a bunch of politicians from Mt.Kenya, not voters on the ground. Uhuru ana kura moja my fren:D:D

I can see through your bullshit i am more than certain this post is out to advance your shity tribal agenda. What uhuru is doing is with jakuon doesn’t represent the collective desicion of mt kenya…

Everything is contextual my fren. Can you explain why people accuse kikuyus of being thieves and jigger infested yet we know thieves are even in kimilili and many areas in Nyanza are jigger-infested?. It is not about fairness, life is never fair, it is the messaging

unfortunately, you are wrong. Do you really know my tribe?

Anything other than full support from the very top will be perceived as a betrayal. Uhuru is using government money to finance rallies where Ruto is villified. I have on these pages called Ruto corrupt, but on this, call a spade a spade

Politics is a matter of play or be played. Its not a matter of trusting kyuks.

Look at kenyas history

Jaramogi was played by kenyatta. It wasnt a matter of trusting kyuks but a matter of jaramogi becoming too powerful and he needed to have his wings clipped.

Jm was also played and tragically killed. But wasnt he kikuyu?

FF to the Moi Era. Ouko “committed suicide”. Does it mean that kaleos cant be trusted?

Alafu remember how John Keen was played by Moi. So Maasais shouldnt trust kalenjins?

Jirongo was played by Ruto. So luhyias shouldnt trust kalenjins?

Chesire was played by Ruto. So should chesires Kalenjins not trust Rutos Kalenjins?

Raila played Nyachae when he said Kibaki tosha. Should kisiis not trust luos?

Its all hogwash that one community (or sections of one community) should not trust another community ( or sections of the same community)

The moment the hoi-poloi get past this idea, the better. Its simply one politician playing another when its advatageous politically whether that politician is from the same community or not. Period

You can mask your tribalism in a pedestrain hypothesis that has no spine but i can still see through it… i dont want know your tribe but if i was to ask i bet you are going to say you are kikuyu.

Kikuyus and kenya in general will never prosper under Kikuyus leadership… but their low IQ prevents them from seeing this… fuck them

Watu wa Raila ni ile fisi hufuata mtu ikifikiria mkono itaanguka, ipate supper, ile kitu hawajui ni eti Ruto na Uhuru wako kimoja

kino kia ngite,muthuti takataka

Heshimu wazee nugu wewe


Kenya ni yetu

I have said many times here that I am not a kikuyu