Who Will Tame These Wild Animals In Uniform?


Karma will tame them…their families will always pay for their sins.am yet to understand how unaibia watu na kuwanyanyasa yet unakufa maskini na hata watoto si ati ulisomesha

That is wrong. These police pigs also need to be beaten

Have you stopped to think that maybe a COMPETITOR club paid the cops to do it. This is Kenya. That whole area has very many clubs why was this club the exception???

Na ujue club zingine hio area labda ni za a senior govt official or even a senior cop with the right connection and ability.

OR mwenye hio club anaambiwa indirectly ahame kukuje mwingine!

Ingekuwa ni place wanauza maziwa au chai au fresh passion juice ningewahurumia lakini place inaleta Ginimbi type tragedies… fuck em!

How many of those glasses had mchele in them? Don’t forget the watered down alcohol so the owner makes mega profits.

Furthermore kuna siku walipatia makarao hard time vile walikuwa wanaambiwa watoke. It was on the news. So there are many ways to view this story.

I will keep saying that these are Kartels in uniform na kazi yao ni kuweka raiyaa kwa uwoga ili mabwenyenye wazidi kutawala na kujitajirisha bila kusumbuliwa na walio wengi.

Haven’t you figured this out, the cops work for the rich not ‘we’ who deserve justice.

Kenya Police are little more than a Praetorian guard for the rich. They exist to maintain power structures not enforce law and order. Most take their orders from politicians, “businessmen” and big shots in the Executive. Reforms were largely cosmetic, just a minor change of names, uniforms, equipment and vehicles. The average cop is still dumb as a rock and resorts to crude methods to get the job done. Commanders are still the same semi-illiterate thugs who got recruited in the 80s and want to uphold the status quo.

These guys are working for the club’s competitors. Do you think cops would use such force on their own? Kama if you called them for emergency intervention hawakuwangi na mafuta??? 100% cartel sponsored

CVTV footage time starts at 20.59 with cops outside and they only enter the premises at 21.00 but she claims it was at 8.40pm. But the people inside actually looked like workers sioni revellers ndani.

Lawyer Ahmednasir took the government to court for his damaged vehicle and won. So should the owners of the club.

But they should have approached the area OCS once their establishment started making good money and agreed on a weekly protection fee as most bar owners do and this mess would have been avoided.

This might have been the real problem, a guy thinking he has all the licenses so he is good to go. He didn’t know these dogs don’t give a shit.

dude are u serious ryt now !

Ginimbi was a Steve Mbogo level conman