Who Will Be Our 2020 Heroes...?

[SIZE=6]Magoha slams Kenyans for glorifying looters[/SIZE]



The CS said toleration of those plundering the country is the reason Kenya is facing the problems it has today.
“You know Onyango has stolen money to buy a car, he becomes your king. Yet Kamau who is very honest, selling maize and has a bicycle is a nobody.
We have to go back to a level where we respect people for who they are and not what they have,” he said.


Crooked Slay Queen Donald Kipkorir waiting for Crooked Amos Wako in Cayman Island where the despots
and Con-Men are hiding our trillions. Look at the crook’s breasts and legs! Stolen loot will never make them REAL MEN! Let’s DEFEAT all of them!



How are the articles in the thread related?

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