Who said that the economy is ailing?


…youth unemployment!..

Yeah for the Indians and Japanese who make all those bikes and tuks

All these are fellows who have lost jobs and have nothing else to do.

Watu wangurumishe bajaj

Tariffs should be raised on these bikes such that moja ikue 600k.
Let them be manufactured here

it is hard to know if the economy is booming or hailing. you go to some places, and you see all signs of an ailing economy. you go to some other places, and you see all signs of a booming economy.

Bodaboda business should be banned…its making the poor poorer


In rural areas people are selling ancestral land to buy a boda boda

1.Enda ushago and see land being sold to buy motorcycles that are not even viable .Those who cant buy one must bring a certain agreed money to the owner(usually 300-500)…net sales per day cant exceed 600 ushago.So basically they are just slaves with no other alternative
2.Real beneficiaries of bodabodas business are the importers not the youth. We should encourage the creation of jobs that promote PRODUCTION like farming and manufacturing. An economy will never grow on consumerism.
3. bodaboda is a useless venture for young people. It remains informal, it impacts nothing, it is not sustainable and the youths end up with no skill that can sustain their livelihood.
4. Youths need vocational training. Riding bodaboda is a waste of time, a platform for crime and a risk to their health.
5. Bodaboda business is just a hand-to-mouth strategy that guarantees lifetime of poverty

Infact the initial intention of motorcycle invention, was for sports and luxury but Africans and particularly Kenyans have derailed the whole idea to monetary venture

U forgot to add boda boda business accounts for over half the deaths on our roads

Personal accident cover should be a made mandatory for all boda bodas

Selling pikipikis is a lucrative business

There are metrics meant to gauge the status of the economy.As of Nov 2019 the ISM index was around 54…indicating a healthy economy

True boda is a poverty trap example kakamega land even livestock is sold to obtain one