Who said Kamala Harris will be president?

[SIZE=7]Joe Biden: President-elect fractures foot while playing with dog[/SIZE]
Published2 hours ago
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image captionJoe Biden twisted his ankle while playing with Major, one of his two German shepherds
US President-elect Joe Biden has fractured his foot while playing with one of his dogs, his doctor has said.
Mr Biden, 78, twisted his ankle on Saturday when he slipped while with Major, one of his two German shepherds.
The Democrat visited an orthopaedist in Newark, Delaware, a day later “out of an abundance of caution”.
His personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, said initial x-rays did not show an “obvious fracture”, but ordered a more detailed CT scan.
The subsequent scan found that Mr Biden had suffered “hairline fractures” of two small bones in the middle of his right foot, the doctor said.
“It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” Mr O’Connor said.


A walking boot should not stop Biden from working. As long as he is tanked up on pain killers…office seat well adjusted well, lots of physio afterwards and he is good to go.
Most Americans would not care if Kamala takes over as long as they send Trump to oblivion.

Huyu pensioner hata mosquito bite itamalisa yeye.

That biatch Kamala will be president. Senile Joe Biden will probably not go for a full term coz at 80…
Lakini white supremacists will never let her.

Yesterday they said his ankle was NOT fractured, now the story has changed. Haya basi wachunge asipate DVT/PE.

If Kamala becomes president the situation will be POTUS by committee.

Hio ni nini Mrembo?

Blood clots. I’ve seen this scenario playing out too often but I’m sure his doctors are on it.

Does this guy have any underlying conditions, apart from his advanced age? If he probably catches covid, do you see him surviving?

Fafanua tafadhali.

He’s senile…

Sijauliza wewe Ghaseer.
@Purple dear, throw this nigga to Siberia for disrespecting us.

The evil wishes on Biden in this thread leave a very bitter taste in my mouth, laughable really. By the same people who diagonised him as a dementia patient. Never read his medical notes just mushene from the media. He went on and won the seat fair and square. Waaah ya dunia si chache.:smiley:
Meanwhile madman Trump is busy fleecing £ from his gullible supporters sababu ni kubaya sana. Kicheko loudest.:smiley:

Akinyuria before 20th Jan, kinarudiwo ama kamara anaapishwo?

Covid? I think if the wind blew too hard it might sweep him away! Think about it. Who gets a fracture while playing with their dog? Makes you wonder if there’s underlying osteoporosis or this ankle fracture could be what we call a pathologic fracture. He does have a history of brain aneurysms and two major brain surgeries. Not to mention the obvious, dementia…

Trump is still the President. It ain’t over…

Just for the sake of my question, just assume Trump has conceded. Or you mean that Trump continues being the president if such a scenario occurs?

They should keep the nuclear codes away from the senile sleepy joe.

In that case, then yes, Kamala takes over as POTUS.

Could it actually have been a DVT…
Aspiring to be a PE…
Inturn aspiring to be THE BIG ONE?