Who owns Sabina joy

This is a question that was bothering me , I googled and found out the owner is an old man , now 107 yrs old… Sijui Kama Yuko hai bado…
The club was set up in 1930 and only closes in general elections and the just two days during census…

Gerald gikonyo arrived in Nairobi 80 years ago, and owns nearly half of all those skyscrapers u see there … Let’s say he is a multi billionaire …

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Haiya, sio ya Sabina?

Sabina Chege

Gerald Gikonyo owns other buildings also in tao…akina Eureka Bldg, Princess Hotel, Rwathia Bldng . A real true hard work to riches success story.

And you’ll never hear him shouting, like some of our Mbirrioneous here.

That guy is a hero we usually chat kila Friday

Kama Panyaste, na hao wengine