Who owns Quickmart?

Quick have opened their thirty-third branch in Embakasi. The rate at which they are opening new branches is surprising.


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such a rapid expansion either ni ya loan ama selling private stock

A venture capital firm from South Africa… They bought Tumaini and quickmart…

Mauritius-based private equity firm Adenia Partners has concluded a deal to acquire majority stake at the emerging retailer Quickmart Supermarket through its special purpose vehicle Sokoni Retail Kenya at an undisclosed amount.

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Quickmart iko hivi, Chinese contractors wanatuma pesa ya bribes Mauritius, kwa fund manager mwenye hupea kenyan politicians laundry services za pesa.

Fund manager anainvest pesa kwa Quickmart hapa kenya. From Quickmart pesa inaingia kwa wale wenye walikua wanatumiwa io hongo na corrupt Chinese contractors.

Supermarket girls are always needy , kuna mmoja najua wanalipa 18k gross (Waiyaki way Quickmark) na life izo side iko juu kidogo compared to kule alikua anaishi, always borrowing money (she used to repay without failure and on the agreed date, only a few women do that), Alikataa nichukue slices nkakata communication , mimi si bank :D:D

It’s sad how they’re overworked and underpaid. The only sin they committed was being born into the “wrong” family and country. These human stories really touch my heart because I realize that someone’s life path can seem randomly orchestrated yet carry heavy consequences. 18k gross ni kama matusi honestly in this Nairobi, huwesmek.

Quick Mart was started in Nakuru by the late John Kinuthia, a businessman from the town, who died last year. The supermarket chain, which is now being run by his family under the guidance of his son Duncan Kinuthia as its managing director, opened its first Nairobi branch in 2010 in Ruai.

https://www.nation.co.ke/kenya/business/family-owned-retail-chain-quick-mart-to-open-two-branches-482232#:~:text=Quick%20Mart%20was%20started%20in,branch%20in%202010%20in%20Ruai .

Ni entrant , but its unlikely that atapandishiwa past 25k anytime soon, more than 1/3 gross goes toward rent, na vile iyo job ni demanding , before rona super employees wanatoka karibu 10 na morning kitu 7-8 wanafaa kuwa washarudi , 1-day off per week , halafu wanakatwa pesa ikipotea ama kitu ivunjike (negligence - magunas) , wakipewa uniform wanakatwa (1-2k) , atleast clients kwa supermarkets huwa hawasumbui sana
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Fellow Kenyans,also take note,not all foreign investors are foreign.Once money is stolen through corrupt means locally,or acquired through illegal activities like drugs,our political class and their friends register something in friendly countries,then invest back in government projects.

There are Watchmen who earn 7k in Kenyan towns. Just imagine

@sperminator earns 15k gross and he still has money to fvck lanyes, take alcohol, pay rent ya bedsitter na pesa ya food na nguo