Who Murdered Kenei?

Kenei had grand plans of settling down with his young family and had built a three-bedroom house in Chemasisi in Lower Solai but did not have the chance to enjoy the fruits of his hard work as death struck early. So tragic and heartbreaking

They have started, weeping up emotions, Ruto is a thug but people should this family mourn Kenei and bury him in peace. Ile radi inangojea Ruto itasikika hadi Mars.

wasnt Kenei helping Echesa in his corruption ring?

This Kenei guy must have been dirty. Watu wasafi kama pamba don’t just get shot out of the blues. People should stop painting him like a saint. He associated with gangsters and lead poisoning is an occupational hazard.

@M2Condom get your facts right bro. He was murdered by people in power to prevent him from talking. why don’t you get that??

That’s what bimbos like you believe. The only way he could have talked is if he knew the details of that deal which means he was dirty anyway. A criminal who talks is still a criminal. He died in his line of work - organized crime.

Just like in movies, it’s either the cartel buys your silence, or they silence you for good.

So as per your conspiracies bwana know it all, who killed him?

Who will you guys blame after 2022 because Ruto will not be anywhere near power, mkitombwa mtasema ni Ruto anawatomba 2024 juu yye atakua civilian? Wakenya hamuezani na ukweli, so parasitic dynasties zitaendelea kuwadanganya

The people who wanted to set up Ruto murdered him.

So everybody murdered out of the blues is dirty??? That is shallow logic.
Actually, most people murdered in this country are the upright guys. The dirty guys usually survive.

Go to any public office in Kenya where there is a lot of corruption and try to be the good guy with integrity. You will either be framed or blackmailed until you submit. If it goes too far, you will be murdered.

Ask your grandmother Mr. Know Nothing

do your balls hurt nigga?? if you don’t know anything then shut the fuck up dawg

I am starting to view Rooto from a different perspective. I think he is a dangerous individual. I think he goes to church on Sundays to hoodwink the bonobos.

Why is it that all mega scandals have in one way or another been linked to him?
May the spirits of kiambaa continue to haunt him.

what did he know? mbona yeye?

aint this backward thinking that has been stretched from Mars to Timbuktu!

Si huyu jamaa huwa amekufika kwa koo.chukia pole pole bro :D:D:D:D

Wajaluo ni hatari sana

*whipping rather

Wameingilia kutoka wapi?