who knows this curvy sexy lady ?


Her real name is Theresa May.

Her parents, siblings, friends, workmates all know her.

@Bintipretty pale IG


Thank you brother

hio fence inakaa familiar

Walai nikapata huyu natulia.

Uongo yako …grass is always greener on the other side of the fence until you get there

I do

Hauexi mjua peasant

She a Thot thot

Alikuwa exposed some few years back

I personally know niggers who have smashed and dashed her

Huyu si ni yule alicheza boychild akifanyia Abdul kazi huko Dubai?

Yeah , ule jamaa Wa ma dredi, after Dubai saa hii ako south Africa

Huyu achana Na yeye.

Lavington kwa brothel fulani

The state of that wall screams Mombasa. I could be wrong


Hi there, do you by any chance know @Shiroe ?