Who killed this boy child before his wedding day?

This is crazy.

MURDER: The promising young man, Fred Gitau, was scheduled to wed today at Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari. However, he was found dead in his house yesterday.

According to credible sources, Fred was dropped home by the ‘best couple’ on Thursday night. Tragically, he was discovered deceased the following morning, with foam coming out of his mouth.

Earlier in the evening, Fredrick is alleged to have texted his sister, telling her that 'if anything ever happened to him, they should ask (undisclosed) person. Fred was a ‘prayer warrior’ at Deliverance Church. He never drank alcohol and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.

Evidently, he knew his life was in danger. The pressing question is: who wanted Fred dead and why? Coming from an affluent family and excelling in his pursuits, what might have transpired on the night of Thursday, 24th? We will monitor this closely, as the answers likely lie within the autopsy findings and the digital forensics regarding his last movements.

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Damn! He committed suicide? Wah.

Tragic may he RIP. I read somewhere he may have committed suicide after learning that the lady was having second thoughts on the whole married


Jangili chose to define his self perception based on his fiancé, without her he seizes to exist


Huyo ni mwanaume ameamua kujiua juu ya mwanamke! The woman may have smelled the nature of that man from afar and it is evident in the man committing suicide.


AMG MGTO sisemi kitu

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Sad but true…it is said our magaldem wetu wasapere huwa na sixth sense ya kujua simp…anyway like i keep on asking (na mtu aska kuje apa na upus ya mental illness)if haujaambiwa na Mwene Nyaga utaishi milele why the fuck would you kill yourself si siku inakuja whether you like it or not


haka ni kamtu ka kufanya mtu ajiue surely


mi naona kama huyu jamaa alikua na mapepo.


Wanawake Ni wengi dunia nzima. Why would a man kill himself over a lady??? It’s way beyond my understanding. But Kama ndio njia yenye aliamua mwenyewe then good for him. The lady probably tonight anatombwa na ndume ingine. Men bana tusikuwe wajinga


Unfortunately he should not have killed himself

Does the lady has a case to answer? Will she be prosecuted??

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No case.she dodged a bullet

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Siesmind ku dry fry nikiambia yeye congratulations for dodging a bullet

Maybe alikua na poosie moto tight.

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Sampuli ya Mali ameacha

Pia kuna mama @cortedivoire


It’s emerging that his fiance found out that he was a bad boy and this was her

It is emerging now that the said prayer warrior was a bad boy and the poor wife to be found out. His real problem wasn’t losing the lady, it was losing the image that the church had of him.

Like any other chimpanzee he didn’t think that if he killed himself he would be exposed more, ashame his family and church more and never have a chance to redeem himself.

Women are the universal scapegoat but the extremely selfish nature of men is what destroys them. Not women. Your ego is too big to admit that you are fallible. This is the height of selfishness. But then why am I not surprised? Bcz I understand the nature of chimpanzees. Be they in the hoe house or the church, their satanic nature always come through. Stop blaming innocent people for your stupidity as chimpanzees. This woman didn’t sign up for a hypocrite calling himself a prayer warrior. She did well to not go ahead, I mean what else was he hiding behind the cloak of piety?

I’ve dated a pastor who could quote the entire Bible. The man was so duplicitous that on a full moon he’d turn into a werewolf.

At the end of the day, a chimpanzee is a chimpanzee. Junguuuu ndio blessed, junguu ndio best. Send em back to the zoo or their maker.


Mapenzi Yana run dunia

Mapenzi ni upussi