Who Killed Martin Luther King?

Do you think the US government assassinated him for being too radical or is that just a conspiracy theory

Martin Luther…black

maybe maybe not around that time alot of shit was happening the coldwar ,the moon landing they took out jfk , malcom x also mlk was takeout in 68

i hear Tom mboya might have also been a target of the same organisation that eliminated MLK and X

he did work with jfk and mlk all of them ended up been assasinated

FBI, he threatened the American ‘way of life’

Freds…walimurder wengi sana and the rest wakawekwa manyani for life…Kuna wale Saa hii wanagonga more than fifty years ndani…few escaped wakaenda exile…and somehow disappeared from there…

Freds can frame whoever they want at any time…but when you have a hundred facing same fate…only freds can do it…from south America to Africa to downtown bidenistan…it was annihilation…only ignorant bonobos who don’t know any history refute…the list of the dead stretches longer than the Nile

Alimangwa na mabeshte wake but it is very convenient to pin it onto the govt of the day