who killed Maina Njenga's wife

The Special Crimes Unit

On the fateful day, the team was driving in three vehicles, Kiriinya in a Mitsubishi Gallant. They managed to block Nyakio’s car - a RAV 4 - at the roundabout of Madaraka Estate along Lang’ata Road. They pulled them out of the RAV 4, bundled them into one of their cars and drove towards Ngong Forest, as was their modus operandi. One of the squad members took control of Nyakio’s RAV 4 and trailed them.Deep in Ngong Forest, a systemic, vicious, question session was put in play. Nothing in the CIA-torture handbook was spared - burning with cigarette ends, pulling out toenails with pliers. Her driver, Ndungu, had a nail drilled through his left foot.
Kiriinya, in his confession, revealed that Njenga’s wife wasn’t actually raped - something more horrendous happened. Someone on the team had fetched a beer bottle.

A regional police boss expressed displeasure at the messy turn of events but they managed to convince him later - saying that they would cook up an explainer story.
They indeed came up with a cock-and-bull story about Mungiki followers killing each other after some kind of fallout.

kirinya pia alimiliziwa na wenzake ,haku testify any kwa court

Meffi yeye kwekwe did a good job. The whore was living large courtesy of extortion and illegal tax levied on raia.

Governments do not share power. There can’t be two or three centers of power.

Before Mungiki there were other gangs. The U.S Italian Mafia for instance tried their very best at power grab. They were once more powerful than the U.S govt.

Lepke Buchalter was more powerful than the President of America. He collected more taxes than the U.S govt. All the judges and police were in his pocket. He was a genius, a master schemer. Probably the richest American that ever lived.

Because of this he was executed. And the U.S govt took over all his billions by force.

Pablo Escober was more powerful than the Colombian govt. A true genius. Ruthless gangster. He had his own army. Well you know the rest of the story.

Mungiki was a govt in the making. They levied taxes and collected them. You are collecting taxes like a govt! Every matatu had to pay a tax or the driver was beheaded.

The boss had a standing army with it’s own flag and troop colours. They even had a katiba and an interior police force to discipline wayward members.

The govt will treat you like an opposing force. The Mau Mau similarly… :D:D

They killed themselves. Earth was hard with them

Mungikis deserve everything bad

All mungikis should be killed and their bodies burnt

What lead to the downfall of mungiki? Lack of education?

No. Lack of education is actually why vast majority were easily manipulated to join. They were /a loud violent lazy minority who wanted to live off the peaceful majority earning their living. Unlike Alshababs, the community loathed / loath them . They therefore cannot hide within for long.

He lost his second wife, wairimu, in a similar manner five years later. He was lucky to escape death by a whisker after kumiminiwa marisasi.


Full story iko hapa

He is gone the moment he outlives his usefulness.

This was one good patriotic man with a working brain. He knew the law and the spirit of the law. He knew you cannot expect justice to mungiki while they had the whole corrupt system in their pockets. Hapo Maina Njenga alipokea moto akajua the real serikali ni nani.

It is a pity and an irony that KNCHR can expose such cops and yet not care about people.

Nyinyi brare fukin gikuyus mna furahia the killings of our youths ni mbwa ,Malaya,takataka,I knew Ndungu personally na he was a good guy

Initially Mungiki was started as a lands rights group for the Laikipia ranches. I believe thats what lead the govt to start a war

was started by the govt

wauwe pia current wife wake , ghassia yeye

Nifinye through pass ninyanduwe bibi yake as a revenge for extortion.