Who killed ( Ex ADF) UPDF Major Sheikh Kiggundu (graphic)u


n December 2000, President Museveni met with Kasese district leaders at his home in Rwakitura.

Museveni stunned his audience when he revealed that 48 ADF rebels who were terrorizing western Uganda had been killed in combat action by the UPDF.

“Yesterday we killed 48 ADF, including Cobra. I am very happy about the killing of this thug,” said Museveni.

The President said Cobra, (Henry Matovu Birungi also known as “Young” and Kikkukyekulidde), had recently fled from the UPDF who were pursuing him.

He warned remnant top rebel commanders, including Abdalla Yusuf Kabanda, the chief director, and Fenahasi Kisokeranio, to surrender before they are killed.

“Let those people come out before they are killed. Kabanda is still hiding in Congo. We are going to kill him also,” Museveni said.

Benz, also known as Tushabe Munyangondo, a former ADF chief of staff, had surrendered to the UPDF a year earlier before taking part in several anti-ADF operations.

Benz’s days were numbered after it emerged that he was involved in armed robberies. He was arrested and jailed at Luzira Prison.


Of the top ADF commanders who received amnesty included UPDF Major Mohammed Kiggundu who was Saturday morning shot dead together with his bodyguard in Masanafu, Kasubi – Wakiso District.

Officials told this website that Kiggundu was a strong ally of Cobra and ADF commander Jamil Mukulu who was recently arrested by Tanzania intelligence services before being handed over to Uganda.

The shooting of Kiggundu has sparked two conspiracy theories. One is that he quit a radical Muslim sect in Kampala which could have rubbed some Islamic leaders the wrong way.

The second theory is that Kiggundu could have been eliminated for supporting efforts to crush ADF cells in many parts of the country.

In 2014, the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura said it was possible that ADF had a hand in the killing of Muslim clerics.

“While we are not ruling out other motives in individual cases, there is strong evidence linking these murders to Al Qaeda affiliate ADF,” Kayihura explained while addressing journalists at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

“We have credible intelligence which indicates that the majority of these clerics have been targeted because of their refusal to embrace extremist theocratic ideology; one which promotes the use of violence and terrorism as a tool of social, religious and political change.”

Already there is tension in Rwenzori areas as militants continue to engage UPDF in deadly skirmishes.

This Thursday, several militia bases in Rwenzori were captured by the UPDF soldiers, recovering weapons from the militants.

This compelled UPDF to increase deployment in Kabarole and Kasese Districts. This Saturday the UPDF used heavy gunfire to battle armed youth in street battles.

Eyewitnesses said the armed personnel raided shops and houses in a cordon and search operation hunting down suspected militants.

The Rwenzururu palace where King Wesley Mumbere resides has since been surrounded by military personnel.

At the moment, we are unable to establish the number of casualties in today’s fighting.

ChimpReports is yet to establish connections between Omusinga and ADF.

But the movement used to operate and recruit combatants from Rwenzori area.

Kiggundu was today travelling to Pearl FM, a local radio station in the city center for a talk show known as ‘Obusilamu Bugagga’.

The gunmen riding a motorcycle trailed Kiggundu for several minutes before opening fire on his army green double cabin truck.

When the car fell in a trench, the assassins quickly eliminated their target before disappearing in thin air.

Holding prayers for the deceased at Kibuli, speakers demanded a comprehensive investigation into the killing.

Clerics also appealed for calm amid rising tempers.

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Source Chimp reports …this killing happened on Saturday…whether it’s the the rival extremists sheikhs linked to alshabab or it’s a Government hit squad assassination because of his links to the Rwenzururu revolt…in one stroke M7 has lost support of the Muslim base in Uganda which is quite sizable and plus the support of the Westerners in Ug which is his bedrock and vote basket



Well the Muslim’s are very angry

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