Who is willing to help me? It won't cost you anything.

Who is willing to help me by creating an Instagram account then sending me the login details? I would really appreciate the help.

Then you misuse the account and the guy is arrested on your behalf ?

I will replace the phone number & email address the creator will have associated with the account, mainly, so I can maintain sole access to the account. I’m asking for help because my IP Address has been blocked and Instagram is good at detecting VPNs.

Why was it blocked?

Probably because the ISP I use don’t have dedicated IP Addresses, rather shared, so it was probably flagged a while back. Maybe someone previously with the IP Address abused it or something. I’m not sure.

Where the hell are you? North Korea?


What are you doing to require a VPN for IG?

Huyu ni Mwisi kaguaru


My post replies seem to be blocked, awaiting approval. Let me know if you can help.

leta screenshot

To make matters worse, you’re a new villger

So you want someone else IP to identify with fishy stuff you do?

nitafte na thao moja nikusaidie izo shida zote…

punguza ukora na uvivu,pitia hi kituo, lipa,make your sheet and none the wiser

Unasumbua elders.


It’s always a new villager.

mwisi detected, a cyber bully in the house

You are one of them guys who sell air on the gram? Nigga please!