Who is waiting for trauma after Trump wins

I’m getting dejavu of how I felt the first time Trump won. If you cannot face the reality, hide from it. I’ve already gone into hiding mode. Nikae kama 1 week, no social media, no news, to avoid coming to terms with the inevitable. To those bracing themselves for the worst, relax and remember no condition is permanent. Not even Trump 4 years zitaisha tuu aende home. Take heart.


Up like Donald Trump!

A bit of me will be v sad if he wins. But nilisema mambo ya States huwa nangalia with my neck sideways so I will recover in a few. I will feel terrible for my friends and family over there who cannot bare to think about another 4 years with this buffoon at the top. But for all of 1 hr, 5 minutes of phonecalls.
Dunia haitaisha.

Bora kisikuje huku to woo our hapless PM na maneno ya deals on our NHS…he knows the Brits hate him…