Who is this now?

Weuh. How many bfs did the deceased have?

I have always said if you see a woman living a flashy life on social media, with no traceable career, just know, she’s engaging in the worlds oldest trade.

Even after this guy left, she texted another guy to come out her to sleep.


A man giving contradicting info: did he enter the house or not? He seems unable to explain that. He can’t even explain what kind of “friendship” they had. My conclusion is that he was lying.

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He said he didn’t enter the house. The lawyer tried perjuring him how many people he saw inside, he kept to his stance. Judge intervened. Because it’s literally a hour to the death, the lawyer is trying to pin him to the murder.

He wasn’t asked if they had a sexual relation. Those were lawyer insinuations. You can have a man who is your friend. Is that a boyfriend?

He is telling the truth. I think the people they are talking about were from a earlier instance.

It seems a bit odd for a woman to whom you are
just a friend to insist you pass by her place at night to say Hi from the gate, when you clearly don’t want to go there, and she even has guests.
Perhaps there was a good reason for calling him there, maybe to pick something from her she wanted removed/hidden from the house urgently–money?

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Yea it was rather odd. But the lawyers didn’t press. And also how he just sends her lunch money. There’s a lot more that went on between them.


Yea, they were definitely closer than he lets on, even though the relationship may not have been of a romantic nature. You can tell they shared secrets.

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Hiyo lawyers wa jowie is a joke

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