Who is this girl mod....purple. You do not delete Karl Marx

This is what i got in the inbox:

This does not follow our rules. Your message may have been removed or altered.

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Does she know me? Basically this is a kikuyu forum. Let them delete my account.

good riddance


Let me help you on your way out bro
Fuck off.

Was i sick? Very much Ok. Right now i have spoken with our general in Canada. I am also on my out of this so called Kenya but let me caution you: After this so called government, you’ll realise there was something called corruption and police brutality. How can i be kicked out of my local simply because i protested against that K24? That lady has lost thousands of shillings from me every month. I am just so tired but i have reacted a bit. I have incited all patriots in that local to never ever drink there.

yea, you were pussy whipped the last time you were here

Just support the oppression that’s so prevalent on this so called forum but one day you’ll realise Karl Marx had a point. I’ve been fighting for the rights of peasants like you but this is what i get—matusi. Thank you

@Purple is just as worthy of a human being as my yesterday’s morning dump

There’s always the option of unilaterally appointing yourself the site Admin, complete with your own set of parallel mods…

Hizi moments zinamaliza birionea
I still want to creampie you baby girl @Purple

Purp has become drunk with power?

Hata sijasoma

Did the wife who almost made you commit suicide come back?

Funny how y’all drooling over pinkies residing abroad and ignoring local pussy! Isorait cc @admin @Deorro

@Doltress is bae na anakaa tu huku Kenya. @Purple sigwes mkatia juu alisema hawes kulwo doggy anapenda tu Missionary

Awwwh baeee

Nakupenda sana. How about that Korean restaurant for valentines?

Sikujua @Purple gets creampied by cracker jizz. You know I prefer local kienyeji baby girl. Inbox lokeshen tupange black ops rendezvous

@Purple heshimu elders. Don’t be overzealous.

Elders ni kina nani specifically?