Who is the shortest talker

I @Tiriitiondo ,phd,EGH is undertaking a research on who could be the shortest talker in this village.
From past research have confirmed that midgets have unnecessary temper as a defence mechanism and have a lot of ego due to their proximity to the ground.Unconfirmed reports indicate that umeffi is a distinct characteristic given the short distance between the brain and the ass. My bet goes to @Panyaste


midget lover detected

@patco is another midget based on temper tantrums and long posts he does. His shortness is naturally compensated with long posts he does. (Compensatory effect)


Ngoja tu hapo they is coming.

Undisclosed location with the blonde[ATTACH=full]218871[/ATTACH]

Kwani cologne kuna midgets wengi hivi ?


Kuna @Panyaste na bae wake @panyabuku na pia @patco aka pati wa @Purple

nilikuambia uwache kunikatia katia ovyo ovyo wewe msenge bottoms. Mimi sio shoga kama wewe. Go look for a fellow Hillary loving liberal fargot mtombane hadi mfaint.

Ama ukatie hii nugu @Lecturer M M mtombane hadi mraruane mikundu.

Upii thread
Jakenya ni meffi

Muwache mussito @Jirani

Kuna mod Fulani Mimi hushuku ni Zile 16GB midget

E-material na research hazipelekani.

That’s a blonde? Lemme just observe…

Maybe he kojoad on himself?

Advantage: low COG, less chances of toppling over and less impact pain if he does. :slight_smile:

Nevertitis slapped the midget so hard along a busy Nrb street… just coz he told her that her hair smelled nice.

Kuna wengi hawataelewa hii. :smiley: :smiley: