Who is the most annoying person on this site? Fungua roho

Sema ukweli

@Weird Nightmares

@Weird Nightmares

Hehe, kaeni hapo with your alter handles. Ukifyekwa kwingine fyekeka bila kusumbua

Nightmares are bad … now, when they repeatedly become Weird …

Dude has been here since late last year he says which is a lie and wants to rate talkers???

Yep. Is that a problem?

Tuane na wewe for askin this bullshit question.

Speak things that can be understood. Tuane ni nini?


I’d say the feminist catlady shosho

Stop attacking my dear sister

@Finest wine why won’t you reply to my greetings?

Why would you assume who I’m talking about? There are at least two people that fit the description.

nvchieth apana sumbua my deer

Unless you’ve got a different meaning for NV, you are late by lots of years

Why are you stalking him though?

Tulisema kwa kijiji ukipigwa blue tick na kike unasonga si kufuatilia boss

Don’t know the handle from Adam. Besides I have v little sympathy for grown men claiming that they are bored by certain posters, yet the ignore button is free. Pathetic! I mean why torture yourself reading things that annoy you SMDH.