Who is the Deputy? Raila or Ruto?

So read some interesting items in the paper today that got me thinking.

In a nutshell, we all know of this anticorruption purge taking place. Ruto’s corner has been complaining loudly that their supporters are being targetted. Raila is saying every man should carry their own cross.

I thought about this and looked at the situation using a political lens. I was like “wait a minute… shouldnt these roles be reversed? Should it be Raila saying that his people are being targetted and not Ruto as Raila is in opposition and Ruto is a heartbeat away from power?”.

So although Ruto is officially Deputy President, isnt Raila unofficially Deputy President?

Why is it that Ruto is behaving like he is in opposition and Raila acting like he is in government?

Any thoughts from the kijiji?

Lazima raila angewekwa kwa mix

mfalme wa uwizi hapa 254 anajulikana. hayo mengine ni catwalk na kingereza mingi, na raia hawatatulia paka wamuone gerezani.

Deputy who? Was there an election in the first place?

Corruption is not one man show.not defending Ruto juu he is filthy.ati akifungwa mambo itakuwa mzuri…and I can bet whatever Ruto is stealing ,Uhuru is stealing 10 times more…juu almost all his appointments are people involved in scandals … kama Moody

Ruto is not richer than the holy thou, kalonzo, mdvd, Raila, uhuru, kabogo or even kidero. How people question his wealth is crazy. People who know him knows he works hard in all aspects of life.

My Fren, Rails has always been King. Kenya moves to his whims. Imagine having the CIC under your spell, being above the Katiba, not being accountable (he doesn’t hold any office to be audited). Kenya is Raila.

I can’t help but laugh, thihihi.

Bro, on this list, Ruto is richer than everybody else except maybe Kenyarra. And for Kenyarra to be richer, he would have had to create his own since 2013 since its known that mama Ngina is the true force behind that family and the true keeper of wealth.

Ruto works hard and is very intelligent no doubt about that. He is also a teetotaler whereas everyone else on that list drinks. But how do you explain those rucksucks of 5mili and more every weekend? Now, am not saying that he is corrupt, but why is it, among the list you have mentioned, that he is the only one that is capable of handing out the rucksucks? Let me reiterate… am not saying he is corrupt, but please explain this dishing out of money on that scale…

Jakuon is the ex-officio of the executive. Looto ni wakupigwa picha tu. Aonekana ako kwa sirikali. Hebu ulizeni @Nyarwath.

Anyway, what I have said above is not a discussion of wealth, but of the way the politics of the country is playing out so lets not digress into who is more corrupt than the other.

What I am looking at is the political dynamics that we see before us…

Why is the deputy president acting like he is on the run and Raila acting like the deputy? Their roles have essentially been reversed!

Gathecha bought NIC in the name of a merger with CBA. Only fools will believe there is a fight against corruption!

Bro, at the risk of being labelled a fool, the anticorruption drive is there BUT…

It will only target those who can be taken down easily (talk of the ngilitas here… you know, those folks from naivasha) and today I read in the papers theres an unknown called Onyancha in the NHIF who apparently travels by helicopter from his work place to a villa he has in Athi River. These guys will be taken down TOGETHER with people in a certain political camp to give the whole thing an aura of plausibility.

Lets not forget that there is a man who married one of Tom Mboya’s daughters who is also facing a rough time. Possibly because he is seen as a threat to the leadership of the king of Luoland.

Wakifungwa - pewa mbili baridi kwa bill yangu - they know too much to be jailed.

The others are so mean you can’t imagine how those guys are selfish. Do you know there’s no road in tseikuru, do you know immediate rao neighbors just got umeme from last mile project? They can’t even contribute to their own campaign!

Theres a difference between knowing something and being able to prove that you know it. Coupled with the fact that your knowledge is worthless if you are going against someone as powerful as the president or his newly designated deputy president.

Miguna know alot and even wrote a book about it. Has anyone been prosecuted?

Theres this senator who was also recently jailed who probably knew quite abit of the inner workings of government. She should have been set free if she knew too much.

Some will be jailed, some wont. Its not a matter of what you know, but what you can prove. And even what you can prove should be done in the absence of politically powerfull forces

There may be no road to tseikuru. But apprently there is part of some 500 acres that this guy owns that is being repossesed as government land. Why?
You talk of RAO’s neighbours, but have you read Miguna’s book?

Relax. Time will tell. Otherwise my deal remains “mbili baridi”

But ladies and gentlemen, we digress… who is the REAL Deputy President in Kenya?

Sawa Bro