Who Is Telling the Truth

According to US laws, killing a member of the national command is an act of war. They may be biding their time using the confusion to give russia a good beating or they simply do not want to admit he is dead because its nuclear war from there, and they just don’t give a fuck about ukraine, which is turning out to be more trouble than it is worth.



Kwani walimurder hii JAruo?

Russia ni pilipili

America will do nothing about it. Swallow humble pie and forget it. I usually side with USA+Israel when it comes to beating the hell out of Arabs. But when it comes to Russia Vs USA, I am on the side of Russia.

United Snakes is only brave when dealing with shitholes such as Iraq and Libya.

Russia is a No no.

Fvck Sodom

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aliambiwa aende war zone kama kindiki

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Nonsense, the mandigo is alive and kicking battling cancer like a real marine

alikunyandua mkia nini