Who is Prigozhin?

  • Born 1st June, 1961 in Leningrad.

  • In 1981, sentenced to twelve years imprisonment for robbery and fraud.

  • Began selling hot dogs in 1990 after early release from prison.

  • Expanded business operations in 1995, ran popular and successful restaurants.

  • Grew closer to Putin in the 2000s, served international leaders including Chirac and George Bush.

  • Became known as “Putin’s chef”, had received government contracts and grew increasingly wealthy.

  • Established Wagner Group in 2014 to support Russian forces in the war in Donbas.

  • Operations expanded to Syria and Africa, became key player in 2022 Ukraine War.

  • His troops led successful campaign to take Bakhmut earlier this year.

  • Now leading a rebellion against Putin and Russia’s military.


The Russian jails hardened him


Reminds me of Liberian Dictator Samuel Doe Vs Prince Johnson. Rebel leaders Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson were fighting to overthrow Doe’s government. Doe strikes a deal with Prince, have him weapons , cash and food to fight Taylor but Prince became like Prigozhin, captured and killed Doe.

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Putin atayarishe suicide pill. It’s about to go down.


His assassin’s are ready. Like levichenko he will go by poisoning radia active way or the bullet