Who is killing prostitutes in Nyeri?

Rape and murder:

By Ndungu Gachane | June 25th 2021


On May 31, at around 8pm, Naomi Wangechi Wairimu (pictured above) was picked by a client along the busy streets of Nyeri town. It was going to be a night full of fun and cheer.

Covid-19 had slowed down business and she was lucky to land a client. But things didn’t go as planned. This was the last night she was seen alive. Days later, her body was found in a thicket in Pembe Tatu Estate on the outskirts of the town.

Post-mortem results revealed that Wairimu, who was fondly referred to as Shiku by her colleagues, had been strangled. Surprisingly, her body was found a few metres behind the Central Regional Commissioner’s residence.

“We were waiting for clients when a well-built, tall, dark-skinned man showed up in a black saloon car and approached Shiku for services. He had first requested for a short lady but he changed his mind. He took Shiku and that is the last time I saw her,” a colleague, who did not wish to be named told The Nairobian.

Reports indicate that she was found naked with her legs tied together. Police also recovered 10 used condoms and several whisky bottles from the murder scene.

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They suspect she was raped by several people before being killed.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Shiku’s uncle, Dedan Githae said they were shocked by the death of their daughter, who was a mother of one. “She has not visited home for so many years. We did not know exactly which business she was involved in Nairobi. We only heard the rumours after she had died,” he said.

He claims they are seeking justice for their daughter. According to the sex workers, cases of their colleagues being found killed are on the rise, something that is chilling.

“In 2018, our colleague was picked outside Spinners Club near Nairobi bus termini. She was raped and her body was found dumped in a tea bush in Mathari,” one of the girls said.

The girls, who are now demanding for the beefing up of security in the area, claim it is unfortunate cops never investigate the cases “In 2019, our colleague took her client to her Ngangarithi rental home where he killed her. The killer has never been arrested,” a commercial sex worker added. Nyeri DCIO John Gacheru, said they were investigating the incident

“We are still pursuing the matter. Such cases are on the rise and we hope we will arrest the culprits,” Gacheru said.

A gender-based violence officer at Hope World Wide Africa Margret Wa Mukuria, who works closely with the sex workers, said they have registered about 600 workers in Nyeri town and it is sad they are being killed.

“We are approaching government to see how they can beef up security for our girls. It is sad. We have been giving them free medical and counselling services,” she said

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