Who is Jowie?

I’ve just seen ati Rashid the cop who shot dead two boys lawyer is Dunstan Okari. Today I found my colleagues saying that Jowie was even in CU in high school and a very good person and then he went into this security business that was his undoing. Kenyans are really touched by his plight but God will see him through.

Martha Koome is trying to bring legislation to cap maximum sentence at 30 years. So Jowie will be out by 2054, if he lives that long. I doubt but you never know.
I know someone who was out after 10 years. He adjusted normally. Another after ~15 years, he was alittle akward socially. Another after 20 years he was off socially. He left right at the advent of internet and came back to apps. So even holding a job was a problem. Little things would scare him. Trying to survive at maximum prison was no joke. You are always trying to defend against a ambush attack for your ass. So even a sufuria bang would cause him to freeze.


Kwanini unajuana na mahabusu wengi ivo. Is this America ama Kenya


Wacha kuingilia @Simiyu22, muluhya lazima ajuane na watu wengi.

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