Who is Ice Cube?

Young man who calls himself @Ice_Cube naona watu wanatufananisha sana. I hereby demand you drop your handle coz iceberg ame land kijiji. You a cube am the iceberg. Heshima idumu. Am giving you exactly 25 hours to delete your account peasant.

We have Iceberg, Ice cube and their son Crushed Ice hii kijiji itaniua

I don’t know who you are skunk head, but you will show and accord respect to our very own home grown Sherlock Holmes @Ice_Cube . Heshima muhimu

Hujamalizana na the ICE group of handles. There is @Iceberg @Ice_Cube @ice cream @Iceark @Iceb @Icecube
But all I see is lack of creativity


Ice cube natambua ni wa NWA

BTW Scumbag I have a man cave in your apartment block. Saw your posts about the chair or something…

He’s among the Founding Fathers of the village. When he says poop, you poop my fren

Go ferk a goat…


Who you calling skank head tomato peddler?

Fooder ya ngirini

Is there a way to block females from replying to your posts? Wanaume you will NEVER succeed with a woman shouting at your neck.

He says Tomato Peddler like its an illegal thing to do…

Opiyo, I think you were swapped at hospital.
No son of mine could surely be this dense.

That nigga cube where he @? Same ol bullshit :smiley: cc @Icecube


You mean ni wewe umwkuwa unatafutwa na kijana??

So we got something in common…

@introvert like father like son kama kijana ni kajinga wewe ni kijinga

Guilty as charged.
While his twin bro is learning how to set carb floaters, this idiot plays kalongo.
What shit of a man carries wet wipes, a jolly comb and lip balm in a little bag in his arm pit? This idiot here…

Not really I don’t live there. Go there once in a while but it’s good to hang out. Fully furnished, PS4, pool table even set up a racing simulator a month ago. Nikifika will call you but come with your drinks. I don’t drink fridge ni juice tu.