Who is a terrorist?

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As an African and a Kenyan in particular, I do not equate Hamas with mau mau. Never. Mau mau was here fighting mzungu because mzungu was a colonizer. That other chap is fighting a war whose genesis is not similar to our struggle. A few points in both our struggles look similar, but those circumstances do not match in any way.

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Pro israel nutters. Change your skin colour and be white. And take your president with you to your white masters.



Mainly arabs and their knock off walalos.


A Simple Answer …



It is the opposite. Israelites are like the mau mau and the arab palestinians are like the colonisers. All the lands including jerusalem, bethlehem, nineveh, sinai, galilee, jericho etc are jewish lands that have been encroached on by the arab palestinians over the past 1,000 years. The jews are demanding their lands back.

This is the map of Israel before invasion by the arabs. The philistines/palestines used to occupy a small portion of the region Philistia (on that map) but over the past 1,000yr they were helped by their arab brothers (from jordan, syria and egypt) to take over nearly all Jewish lands.

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Those people coexisted in peace before one decided the other did not deserve to live there. The other technicalities were introduced by satan’s assistant, mzungu.

Mandela was a terroris


It is the muslim ottoman turks who ruled the region for 400yrs from 1517 - 1917 who encouraged arab settlement on jewish lands.

Indeed …
To many South African Boers he was …

But the big difference was Nelson Madiba Mandela was fighting for an EQUAL South Africa for both Blacks and Whites

And he proved it in his 5 year Presidency

He incorporated all races in his Unity Government
His Deputy was a white Boer , Fredrick De Clerk.

His Chief of Defense Forces was a white Boer , General Magnus Malan.

There was no widespread massacre of Boers after the struggle …

Just a Truth and Reconciliation Commission led by Bishop Desmond Tutu

HAMAS on the other hand want to wipe all Jews of the face of this Earth

It will NOT happen:grin:

These backward Arab terrorists need to follow the South African example …

Maumau was not fighting the coloniser, maumau was terrorising his tribesman.

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So dogs here are calling Palestines terrorists? The Jewish swines even came with a stupid map to show they occupied Palestine land yet we know very well they originally threw Palestines out of their own ancestral land . Jewish swines should simply go back to concentration camps

It’s time to be real …
Israel needs to do 3 things in the following order :-

  • Completely destroy Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.
    ( After 9/11 , the USA did the same with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden)
    These are terrorists who do not represent the ordinary Palestinians who were imposed and funded by IRAN.
    If necessary , take out those mad Shia Clerics in IRAN who are fuelling this mess.

  • Start serious goodwill reconciliation conversations with the real majority Palestine Arabs and Jews about the way forward.
    Minority hardcore elements on both sides must be contained and rejected.
    Palestinian belongs to both Arabs and Jews.
    They have no choice but to find a path to lasting peace

This planet belongs to all of us and has sufficient resources for all when EQUITABLY shared.

South Africans were able to do it after 400 years of Colonialism and Boer Apartheid…
South Africa is still not perfect place but Nelson Madiba Mandela set the correct foundation fir future generations to build on and improve.

All Liberation Movements have extremists minorities and majority moderates.
The focus should be on partnerships with the majority moderates on both sides who just want to coexist in peace with their neighbors.


This is the 1967 map that was drawn up after WW2 to settle the jews who had survived the holocaust. There’s nothing like 1,000 years hapa… take that shit to the birds. Bure kabisa!!

When pressed, Israelis always resort to saying that their claim to the land in based on scripture. Naftali Bennett famously said this in an interview with Al Jazeera. He told the interviewer to show him a bible where the Jews were not entitled to the land. No shame, no fcks given. You cannot reason with people like those, you cannot argue with that kind of position.
Israel will never give up the land, you can take that to the bank.
The way I see it, it is up to the Palestinians to do whatever the fck they can to salvage their situation.

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