Who has the DP's Phone No.?

Things on the ground are bad. UG, Nandi, E.marakwet, Bomet, Kericho, Baringo and parts of Pokot kimeumana. If this was the DP’s idea of trying to influence gubernatorial and parliamentary race, then it will backfire spectacularly on his face. I need his number so that i explain it to him like he was a 4 yr old kid. IF IT’S NOT BROKEN DON’T FIX IT!

@Spear,kuja mbio na usitumane kina nattychieth


@pamba, your job is to stay in the vagina absorbing menstrual blood. Nyamaza!!


I am not pro-jubilee but at least I expected less stupidity from their part as compared to Nasa. Watuachie hii vita ya nomineshens its our forte.

Not going through and truecaller says Jakuon

DP is being blamed for everything thats going on? How about other jubilee regions

How comes there’s less than a 1/4 of ballot papers issued in poling stations in the mentioned counties whereas huko murang’a, nyeri etc inaendelea vizuri?

ha ha ha ha

0722 517 997

Bandika FB na Twitter zake but use clean language and discretion, i.e. do not name individuals or their numbers. He and UK like those cannels even if they do not operate them personally.

Who came up with the idiotic idea of giving polling stations 1/5 of the ballot papers, yet they know that nominations in such strongholds are in reality the August polls? Why not 60-70% if at all they were afraid of ballot box stuffing?

The number of ballot papers should match the REGISTERED party members, not the entire IEBC roll.

Mlidhani nyinyi sio watu…

Maraya haezi kosa no. za ma-politicians.Tusaidie naya kamwana pia

ulifikaje kwa hii conclusion?
Ama umepiga arap mashake akaichukua?

Mtu asiniite maraya.
0722 208 997


That was shelved long ago. JP is using the ‘Jubilee List’ borrowed from IEBC. Maneno ya registered party iliisha.