Who Has Run Ransomware On Or@ngeKE Servers

For like the last 72hours data is down!! Word is, some nerd has pulled a quick ‘Trump Card’ on them and the blow is kinda heavy cos kuna watu wamelala server room wakijaribu yao yote:D:D:D
Who is this Coders I introduce him to the rest of the birds that fly high together?:cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Ingekuwa kweli wewe ni black hat na sio mdomo tu, haungekuwa hapa kutuuliza coder ni nani. Ungekuwa tayari unamtafuta kwa namna tofauti ambayo mtumiaji wa web wa kawaida hatambui, ama ushapata jinsi ya kum-contact.


Lol! Pro-pic yako baus:D:D:D… Huyu sio wakuvaa kofia nyeusi ya fake kama yule wa juzi kwa ushuru. Huyu ni mdeadly na tumeanza shughuli ya kum-introduce to the family:cool:

Things have been gagna gagna over the last several days (almost everywhere)

WCry also christened as WannaCry released by the shadow brokers has been on the rampage

That shit is nasty and most annoying is that it’s just not targeting hoi poloi and shit servers with lax security , it’s using a sophisticated exploit from NSA and it’s going for the jagula

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Its an international thing by the way so jichunge

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… So <3n how things are goin down in my backyard right abt now bruh >> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/12/world/europe/uk-national-health-service-cyberattack.html?emc=edit_th_20170513&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=67966773&_r=0 :cool:

Feel like sharing link to bin bandikwa buh… Ngoja kwanza uchokosh mbele ya kumwaga utako:D:D
Dudes better ‘hIDE aRSE’ if they gonna post in this thread, kama unanyita.

Tuma inbox

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Ww… Maybe ume act MIB:D:D

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The pings hitting my IP, ata kama iko na kitunguu ndaaaani… Force me to make sure the mask fits well and proper.

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Have seen equally strange traffic of late, almost tired of blocking ipranges on the firewalls

drowning under SMB traffic and nmap port scans, have had to blanket block 90% of servers from external visibility

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Guess you are better than me at covering your tracks bruh… Wireless Routers have become so vulnerable mpaka I am thinking of tweaking up my firewall to step-up the shield.

As a bare minimum, you need a K9 level , if possible get 2, hardware level and soft

all the best though

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Noted… Like you put it earlier, this sh1t is NASTY bruh. Makes the likes of hydra look like newbie sniff dawgs. Will share the pipa I have pasted it in later. On the rebound.:cool:

wannacrypt got stopped by a 22 year old leo



… Best White Hats are often the ones who work intuitively. Kid is definitely our fam.