So jana i was supposed to bang this lesbian chick, i have heard that lesbians are freaky so i was really eager. Chick came to my place took the holy herb, got drunk and everything was set, shida ilikuwa when i tried to remove her clothes dem alikataa kabisa(yaani katakata) , she started to say ati yeye ni vajo(akakataa ni confirm) and she has never been broken in by a man, mimi kama alpha male i understand the constitution nika mwambia aende back home it was 2am by the way(she lives a few blocks from me), akaanza kusema sijui sorry but i promise you a threeesome with my chick , i just decided to walk her home due to the threesome offer. So leo nikiwa mtaani i had to talk my fisi friends of how that chick ni vajo na aninipangia threesome, thats when one of my niggas akanishow dame ni hermaphrodite yaani ana dick na pussy so now am confused niendee threesome ama? na who else ame encounter hermaphrodite ?

:D:D:D frisked

ushawai patana na hermaphrodite

How did your nigga know she’s got a dick???

Kubali ulicheswo n move on

he found her drunk akadhani ameangukia:D:D:D

feel free to go fuck a chick with a dick mimi siwes

He found her drunk akaanza kumdara dara ama??? anyway huyo chali yako anakuchezea ndio usare alafu abebe mali.

Tafuta hekaya ya @Tommy Lee Sparta kupatana na mwanaume anajifanya dem

i do not understand the bolded phrase talk to @Panyaste

your nigga wants to fcuk that chick thats why he’s playing with your mind.

:D:D:D:D The chick had tities though

Kuna village elder hapa alipewa bj na shemale huko Nakuru.



:D:D usiende. Utachunishwa sukuma

Hapana hii ni serious @Tommy Lee Sparta please have this withdrawn by all means… ati umefany nini



alikatia dem wa Mpesa, kufika kwa keja nyangau ako na dick