Who has been milked here of late

Who has been to here for prostate draining?


unalipa kupigiwa ngafi WTF

:D:D:D masseuse ni kimakia

Kula block you are @Gay kazi yako ni kudungwa kidole matako who pays for this shit @tall mnyama everywhere and his “boy” @BantuSupremacy like this



vitu za wazungu zibaki kwao na kina Biden na Obama

Chiefchieth or whatever, this is out of line ghaseer , as Africans we refuse gayism and white man agenda. Prostrate itamessagiwa na meffi ukikunia God designed everything perfectly

This thing is medical for all those haters yapping here and will run to crystal massage parlor today with their dilated anus ready to receive a finger or vibrator.


Wacha ikae


I believe this is how they check for prostate cancer.Must be slightly uncomfortable

As I always say ,gey recognises gey.

Gày shit