Who has been fighting sportpesa

Someone has been rely fighting sportpesa … who is it?


Papa chey-ten


I think Karauri should just let the Sportpesa brand sink and move on.
Even if he were to revive the damn thing, it will never be the same Brand.
Too much water has passed under ze bridge.

Bado, this brand is too big to let it die! Ngoja jackpot irudishwe uone vile wafuasi watarudi. Na warudi mainstream adverts kwa gazeti/TV/ sponsorship

Normal Gambling iliisha ladha lakini, and profileration of other betting firms in the market, wasahau zile billions walikuwa wanamake.

How do you do that from Mathare?

Election time and after next election itakuwa revived - mark that!!! It’s all because karauri refused to feed some politicians

Hahaahahahaha…: mathareans can kick ass too

Sportpesa is still too big to die