Who foxed this woman ?


This woman sustained these fire burns during the 2007 post election violence. Her two year old kid rejected her after she was discharged from the hospital. Now before we engage ourselves in a debate on who fixed who, let’s take some time and ask ourselves one question. Who fixed her? And will fix her mutilated face?

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too sad eish

Man. That is sad. There is another guy aliwekwa aerial ya tv kwa mguu :frowning:

the politicians are clean like cotton.
if you cant live with your immediate neigbour in peace (it doesnt mattter if he is indian,white,terrorist eeer i meant arabic, kukuyu,jaluo,mkamba,kalenjin…). this is what we get.
i see every human and i am awed by his/her divine nature. i see the image of god. every human is a god to me.
i cunt remember ruto burning the kiamba church,i can never remember uhuru cutting jaluo dicks and sticking them in their mouth,i can not also remember raila throwing stones at anybody. they were all at bomas.
that violence was a wake up call /reminder that those big thieves are untouchable and unreachable.
lesson:love/respect your neiba


The human condition is a fragile one.

Very sad :(:frowning:

i can bet they were 100% kenyan.
it changes nothing

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Hehehe una ujinga sana

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all terorist are arabic by birth or by the screw of their brains by arabic doctrines

Kenyans have such a short memory, I mean why do we treat politicians like gods? Even when they pee on our heads we clap for them!!! I think we are bewitched, period.

Sad. That’s why these prayer rallies and who fixed who debates are just boring.

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