Who finances "I am Marwa"?


There’s a program from Google/Youtube that runs these guys who do around the globe travels coupled with adsense money.

His channel is monetized, so he makes money from the videos he makes. Plus he has a patreon and paypal where his followers can sub and donate.

Adsense would make sense if the guy has millions of views… that guy is doing well but bado hajafikisha… and I see him travelling all over the world all the time…

Google is the one that sponsors a majority of that program.

Hio program inaita aje? nimetafuta sipati.

Okay… I did not know… Because he is simply hopping from one nation to another and there is no proof that he has any other jobs… ama ni billionaire tu?

I would rather watch that white dude called sabbatical he goes to places and its an experience… Marwa hops from one place to the other like a hobo, his interactions with individuals are shallow he keeps cutting them off always yapping, even even when he just needs to keep the reel rolling… but to each his own.

The Geographical location of his worldwide viewers gives him an edge.Marwa has many past videos from his many tours: Carribean Islands,Europe,South,Central and North America.He is also consistent .Some of his videos have a million views.Even present has is in Maldives and someone new still binge watches his old videos at Costa Rica,Denmark they still bring him in more passive Revenue.In one video, Marwa even elaborated like East Africa artists like gengetone artist need to up their game make International songs like Nigerians.A gengetone needs a million views to match the money Marwas 50k views from International audience or viewers through Adsense.The advertising companies in US or Europe like Doordash or Amazon pay more than let’s say Safaricom, Crown paint or Simba cement on Youtube.

I agree he doesn’t research well in advance.He sometimes be too domineering in conversations.He asks a question na anajijibu!But some viewers like his some spontaneous nature live!