Who else if not Dr. Thuo Mathenge Nyeri county.

After Dr. Thuo Mathenge was said to be out of IEBC list, what followed was looking for alternative. Some are claiming to skip the governor ballot paper if the issue is not solved at last. Nyerians are not for Dr. Gakuru nor The Governer Amb. Samuel. This leaves the seat for Patrick Munene Kairu if not Wangùkù. Somebody should advice Patrick not to associate himself with Wangùkùs battle. He should remain un associated with anyone to the very end.

Gakuru won the nomineshen

Yeah but that was nominations. If Wangùkù was in the ballot Dr. Gakuru would have seen dust.

Boss uneskia mca wa kilimani akitajwa? Kuwa pole Nyeri ni meffi.

Thuo arudi mboi kamiti, subdivide the land , kila share holder apate haki yake !


Thuo would have come last. Next Gafana ni Gakuru. Thuo hatambuliki huku.