Who does Ryto think he is?

To be a president, you have to have noble blood flowing through your veins. Uhuru’s mother is the daughter of Senior Chief Muhoho, who is Ruto’s mother?

His father is the Charismatic godlike Jomo Kenyatta, who had no beginning and no end, no brothers and sisters, no known parents

Uhuru received aristocratic education from a young age unlike the primitive Ruto who has only been to the Sugoi primary school.

People should understand societal hierarchy and know their lanes.

Who were Kibaki’s parents?? Tumia akili tafadhali madam.

Ruto may fail to be president but it has nothing to do with his bloodline.

About societal heirarchy, Ruto is already squarely in that league having hundreds of millions of USD to his name.

Forbes stated that Kenya has only 42 UHNWI and Ruto is definitely among them. That’s why he has the resources to run for president.

If you don’t like Ruto, fine. Neither do I. But kindly engage your brain.

Pauline Njoroge unasumbua

Are you serious!?

I’m honestly not sure if that’s an attempt at sarcasm or whether you’re really serious.

[SIZE=5]Marakoli @uwesmake we know your handwriting.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sema tu you are bitter Ruuto managed to climb up the political ladder without mummy and daddy’s assistance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]From a commoner to Second-in-command, hat’s off to him.[/SIZE]

Mildly clever tactic to get a heated pro Ryto debate going

Halafu mujamaa wa pilsner za wazee is already snared in the trap

Down with that Crook Mahn. We have never seen this kind of contempt from a vp. From associating with terrorist to scamming gun vendors in his office

Amechapwa war sana pale Twitter ati ni kitoeo ya wakubwa