Who comes to war with police Uniform - Wazito wata ni elewa


You are misusing ss Himmler’s name ghasia wewe

This beef was amongst the most infamous one in music industry after 2Pac and Biggie’s. Vybz is a real ganster that one, despite being locked up douche is till churning out music.

Umbwa wewe nita kudinya ukicheza

Ghasia am not geeei tafuta T. Verceti ukatome yeye

Hio ni adhabu kwa nongwe kama wewe

Adi teacher! Brother born with self consciousness

Wal boss

Boy run like wounded dog, break usain bolt record in beijin

Barber boy don run


By singing about crime,guns drugs,murder,vaginas and menstruation,buttocks and weed? No wonder watoto ya dandora ni gaidi na wanakufa ka mende. If at all that guy had anything but a conscious mind,angeimba about kusoma,too bad pia hio hajui

to me Addi alitoa mavado na kuaibisha proper

they sing about the environment they in ama wat did u expect?

dem boy dress up like police, but a run like thieves; dont run, barber boy dont run

sadly teacher anakula ugali mbichi sai:(

So which song have you realised on the above, I’m sorry I might have missed it

Clash of the titans gaza mafias

Hii Lasma ni ya vybes