WHO... china intentionally leaked covid


We are in multipolar American gringo wasituleteee umeffi. We will clobber them to oblivion. Wakubali hao sio superpower bila kutupaka kinyesi.

Hiyo “intentionally” iko wapi?

What about the US bio-labs in Ukraine? What type of pathogens are they manufacturing there and why were they concerned they would “fall into Russian hands?”

…from a lab financed by U.S no?
Leakage yes but the bat virus theory in as much as it was proven by NIH’s principal deputy director Lawrence Tabak, that the bat corona viruses had not been shown to infect humans waaay back in 2017 , is as bullshit as it sounds.
All of a sudden every tyrant, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist becomes disgustingly rich in murica and china and now, we have crop ups in and around governments in which power is held by a select few individuals or a small class of powerful people all over the world.
I like how the narrative changes when uncle sam speaks and idiots listen. Tukubali the chinks fcuked us up for now and america hasnt invaded them yet. Meanwhile read on this man…

I wouldn’t be surprised that the monkey pox came from there,only problem is,which animal to blame?,cant peg a monkey twice,HIV was enough to blame on baboons. Meanwhile we wait for the black plague,its still in process,monkey pox is not as agressive as it was thought,itaisha soon,covid was a trial version

They have bio-labs in Kenya as well.

we are in a very interesting era