Who can spot the difference



Dyslexic Citizen reporters. Can’t spell to save their lives

class 1

Someone help me decode huyu mwenda wazimu anasema nini.

Did you hear the one about that dyslexic who sold his soul to Santa?

citizen logo too

sijashika wadau . mi naona iko tu sawa

Omwami usisahau kupeleka Clichy ocha mwezi Wa nane to face the knife

lasima baba . kijana achape chinyimba

Angalia hiyo picha kwa Makini.

Funny that they are talking about education

No, what did he do?

There’s a serious lack of professionalism in media houses to the point you wonder if they can’t get a handle on spelling which is the easy part, will they get it right when doing investigative journalism?

Wewe na hao reporters mko sabamba

@uwesmake & @Wechez citizen has mispelt the name cytonn

Is Cytonn for real or is it a sophisticated pyramid scheme a la quail hatcheries?

The 2 citizen logos too are not similar


I’d also like to know the answer; because I think it is being used to launder money. Their returns are the embodiment of the saying “when the deal is too good, think twice”

na jana pia waliandika ripping benefits