Who Can Explain????


flooring. huko shags our cow haikutoa very good quality that could be used

So when you mop, you just keep smearing cow crap all over?.. :D:D:D

mop? ru a cool kid or wat? u don’t mop una sweep tu

Does it smell/stink?

not quite coz u mix with ash so not really terrible

The flies…maybe ash helps…but siwezi hando…flies everywhere…you may as well open hoteli ya fried flies

Ikikauka inakuwa white and ok. No smells no flies. The first time I saw it I never looked at floors za ocha the same way again.

Hehe cool kids everywhere…

Kupiga ngeta kids will understand basics of life. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Pale ocha nilikua na shosh mkali akipata umemwaga rice utakiona. Ulikua unarollia tu chini na haziezi onekana.

Cool kid.

The dung repel bugs no mosquito can fly in there. The only problem is the fumes from the dung even when dry damage the lungs causing bronchitis and other breathing complications in the long run.

Methane in plenty

:D:D:D yenyewe wewe ni born tao…tembea ocha

Such a woman is the kind of person Kenya should have send to COP27. Someone with real solutions. Not busy bodies who claim to work for climate when all they do is attend conference after conference with no real action in terms of the real work.

The ONLY problem here is dust when sweeping. That’s why they used to springle watu before ifagiliwe to trap the dust. Hizo vitu zingine sijui muliona wapi? Eti flies???
Kwani hamkuwaienda kwa maguka na mashosh wenu?
Also, that was the warmest house hata kuwe baridi aje during the rainy season

Any studies to support your sentiments on bronchitis?

Chronic airway diseases that develop from exposure to large animal-feeding operations include a spectrum of upper and lower respiratory tract disorders: rhinitis, mucus membrane inflammation syndrome, sinusitis, asthma, asthma-like syndrome, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypersensitivity pneumonitis and organic dust toxic syndrome (ODTS) (Eduard et al. 2004, 2009; Girard and Cormier 2010; Kogevinas et al. 1999; Monso et al. 2004; Omland 2002; Reynolds et al. 1996; Von Essen and

Organic dust from the dung cause bronchitis