Who avoids men like me?

So I work in the same building as two of my neighbors both men. They are both big shot lawyers. So after a few incidents of crossing each other’s paths. I figured it out, of course even them they know, so they younger one once met me with a colleague of mine, a woman who is his friend, he said to both of us, they conversed in their vernacular and shortly after the guy looked at me like he wanted to tell me he knows me from somewhere, on seeing that I walked away looking like I am seeing a call coming in, he has been trying to corner me to talk to me but I have been diligently dodging.

So the older guy was in the VIP lift with me and another guy, by the way our packing at work is near each other, so being the last to enter the lift I politely mouthed a greeting, wah wacha jamaa aniangalie, eye contact ile mbaya, nikajua Bas this one now wants to start conversation about how we are neighbors so I avoided eye contact until he gave up.

Sio kwa ubaya but mambo ya wanaume ilinishinda. You will start off being polite and shortly after they will start being further funny especially married men, although even the single ones I avoid but most married men behave like they have never seen a woman Kwanza when you go to out of town assignments, they behave like they got out of jail.

So another one I avoid is my male workmate who is those people who censor nothing, you go to his office or he comes to yours, he starts telling you how his wife has denied him conjugal, how Ruto is a womanizer, how who is sleeping with who in the office, which colleague is looser than the other. At one point I was so fed up I avoided him for about a month since our offices are near each other. He then started everyone he met me with, that I have been avoiding him. Frankly speaking as a Christian there are some topics that are off limits and he’s also a converted Christian, he used to be a moslem, so he should know what is inappropriate because that’s how he talks to everyone and others enjoy it. For me I don’t really entertain gossip and slander bcz what do I gain after knowing which woman is more loose than the other? At times I ask myself, this man is somebody’s husband and father???!!! For me I believe in acting your age but I’ve realized that many men have never matured and left childish things behind. How do you expose your wife to workmates especially what is happening in your bedroom. It’s something I’ve noted in quite a few men. They don’t have brakes when they start talking, they just start exposing their wife in a not so positive light.

Anyway, my point is that being friends with men becomes an impossibility eventually because they lack boundaries. In fact I pity wives if your husband can expose your problems and weaknesses like that it means he does that even to your in laws. Yaani hakuna siri. Even if you are not happy in your marriage atleast talk to a pastor or something but there are things that you need to conceal about your partner bcz when you expose your partners weaknesses, it also reflects badly on you. One time the said guy’s wife was admitted and we went to visit her in hospital. Wah! Alimwaga mtama yote. Of how her dear husband has slept with all friends and maids. We were just shocked as she told us how she beats him bcz she’s so fed up. I even regretted why we visited bcz it turned into a counseling session. The woman has HBP and ulcers thanks to the father of her kids who at one time even impregnated an intern. At times you feel sorry for her but you are like if I wanted to know about all of this drama, I would be married instead of getting second hand stress.

Kenya has no big shot lawyers. just corrupt ones with most of the judges in their pockets…

Too long. Could not read, but to answer your query, for sanity sake, I avoid men like you…

Hiyo English :eek:

Nobody reads your shit

What I wonder about married folk is why they put up with garbage to the point that the frustration builds until they begin being physically abusive. For sure huyo jamaa huchapwa na bibi coz a times he comes to work with bandages. If a relationship is painful there are alternatives, why should you beat up a grown man or woman? The guy cheats and she beats him. Hio sasa ndio relationship ya Aina gani surely? By the time you are physically assaulting someone physically you are actually not OK upstairs and if you make a habit of it one day it can escalate even to death.

I don’t understand why you should ever hit your partner. It’s not necessary and it’s not normal.

Funny. You spared time to come to my post and comment. Wacha I block you so that I don’t read your shit. :smiley:

Ilikuja na meli. Unajua kigerumani au kitaliano I translate for you? Ama wacha tuu nikublock. It’s easier. :smiley:

you are one funny character, you avoid men na uko hapa kenyatalk which is made up of 99% men…hii hekaya yote unafaa kupeana pale kilimani mums…that would be your best audience


Gossip zingine frankly it’s too much. One time I went on a business trip with my colleagues, huyu jamaa hakuenda, kurudi job on Monday, the guy was telling me about who was sleeping with who in a trip he didn’t even go to. Mpaka unashindwa ni kazi amekosa ya kufanya ama ni nini? Surely a father of 5 kids? Do you really have the time for such pettiness seriously? Talk about toxicity. You are with someone 2 minutes ako na mucene from here to Timbuktu, even if it’s rumor mongering aiii. Hakuna siku utakua na jamaa he tells you anything constructive just malicious gossip and talking about sex.

Come to think of it :D:D…huyu ni kama alipigwa na ki-dry spell hadi burwein ikaruka coz she was avoiding men for the sake of her ego…you know reverse psychology nataka,sitaki; sitaki, nataka…buh all her stories revolve around men depicting them in an ill way.

Hakuna reverse psychology, that’s the domain of men. Mukiambiwa ukweli you start attacking the messenger. Wanaume ni washenzi. You know it. I know it. Even the devil knows it. One of my male colleagues aliniambia hajawahi ona mwanamke anajipenda vile najipenda. When you as a woman refuse to tolerate nonsense. You are told that you are selfish,you are proud, you are crazy or you are bitter. Ni Sawa tuu as long as you don’t bring your bs to me, niko poa, you can call me anything you want. Wacha those who have energy to waste keep you, mimi kusema kweli Sina hio energy mingi hivyo. Men are nothing but trouble. Show a single woman who is avoiding men to the best of her ability who has high blood pressure and ulcers. I don’t know any myself. Problems za wanawake 99.999% are from men. Wacha nikae bila nione kama nitakufa. LOL.:D:D:D:D

The point is,if you discredit men that much why do you always dwell on them,like 99.99% and in long reads… they’re definitely not oxygen… there are obviously better issues you could address or worse

@TrumanCapote as you are busy feeling sweet I hear a new Thin and tall Bukusu MP with big mouth is now enjoying Maryanne.

I should also enjoy you. Such soft Meru meat should not be left to termites.

Consider this.

Let’s talk about dryspell for women. This woman hasn’t seen a man since she got divorced at age 21. Dry spell is the absolute bestest thing that can happen to a woman. I saw a woman who was either 115 o125 years old. She was asked what her secret to long life was, without hesitation she said, it was keeping off men. Don’t flatter yourselves. You men need women. Women don’t only not need you, they do much better with out you.

Because I don’t have any other problems. I get along with my female neighbors and my female workmates like a house on fire. So who wants to hear about that? The only problem I have with women is when I go shopping and the seller calls me sweetheart like 15 times so that I can buy her merchandise. I don’t like it bcz it’s manipulative. If I am down to buy something I will buy it even if you don’t say a thing to me.

Termites deserve the best too mister. Who is Maryann?

BTW I did not just wake up one day and decide men are no good. I trusted some men and respected them as I would a parent or an elder then they turned out to be fisis. I also heard about similar encounters from my fellow women so after a few let downs I decided that I am giving all of them a wide birth. I don’t want to deal with them other than when it’s absolutely necessary. Any other unnecessary interactions I don’t want bcz men are more trouble than they’re worth. My tolerance for BS is declining rapidly as I hit the ceiling. It’s tiring having to deal with people who sio wangwana in the name of being friendly or courtesy bcz you work together or are neighbors at home . Wacha tuu ikae.

@TrumanCapote am not talkative, actually anti-social in real life and I mostly look at those who are intriguingly as they give me stories while I nod sporadically, perhaps am a good listener but I like you