Who Among Them Changed The Lives Of His People For The Better?


Founders Of Africa… Most of them were either “Thieves”, or “Dictators” who killed their people or made them poorer…!

All despots ,hii picha inapatia miguu na miguu na heartburn:D:D:D:D
One was cannibalistic emperor

kama nyerere ako hapo he did well, hakuleta ukabila he brought togetherness to the nation

Nyerere left the most impactful legacy… He united Tanzanians under the Tanzanian flag… Kwame Nkrumah is closely followed because even today his people are inspired by his words and try to aim for his vision.

Nyerere is in the back- with glasses slightly left.

Who is the highlighted guy?


Let me try

Back row, from left -sijui huyo—> Milton Obote---->Julius Kambarage Nyerere---->Kenneth Kaunda---->huyo simjui-----> hata huyo simjui

Front row, from left–sijui huyo—> sijui huyo---->H.I.M Haile Selassie I---->Jomo Kenyatta---->huyo simjui-----> Joseph Mobutu.

Hiyo pause ya H.I.M though


Here you go, bro: Track from here…


No. This is Nyerere.


If you dropped a nuke on that congregation of despots imagine how much of modern history would be different today.

Emperor Haille Selasie akijua anaabudiwa na Rastafarians anacheka tu in his grave at their stupidity…

jomo Kenyatta did wonders for the country called Kenya. what are you guys talking about.

Yaani kuna watu hawajui nyerere :D:D:D

Reggae music is one of, if not the best genre of mziki, but once you throw in Hail Selasie, Jah Rastafarian, Holy herb BS into the mix, it descends into some incorrigible cult.

Idi Amin never stole anything. He had no Bank account anywhere

Pia Kaunda hakuwa mbaya.

Aliiba shamba ya wakikuyu anakuwa whoever was opposing him. So what are you talking about Mr.Trumper aka mtu wa Federal way.

You may be wrong
That was the best Africa could put up THEN.
Nyerere stands out at one end and Bokasa on the other.

Important to note that from the Bokasa end, Jomo Kenyatta is just hapo next.

Jomo’s selfish primitive Land accomulation policies negatively affects all Kenyans today in the form of land/housing prices

Jomo stayed in Europe, England to be specific, and saw how the Aristocracy played a huge role in stabilizing the English politics and social life.
He copied that correctly, and pasted it wrongly. He brought back home an ideology, that wasn’t suited for us.

Who were the original occupiers of the land that Brookside seats on ?