Who Am I?

My job is uniting and strengthening america to provide appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism?

From which movie,book,series or TV program is that line from?
If its not,we do not need to know…

Think out of the box kidogo tu before I tell you. It’s actually a very easy question.

not bad at all you see hahahaha…

riddler from Gotham




Donald Trump

Inspector Mwala.

Gotham ‘Seelay’ ile ya R. Kelly?


Jicho nyanya

Githeri man umetoka rehab

I can remember the name of a movie with that name…

Jack Bauer from 24

Hi Purple how are you doing?


Now try this one which is also easy.
“I am a metonym and my color dominates in winter. An entity within me wields more power than any other in the world.”
I used that one as trivia in a college class many years ago and people looked at me dumb founded and when I said the answer they all laughed like “damn! that was easy”.

Almost there. Look again and you will flush out the answer I guarantee you.