WHO always predict doom for Africa- They are losing sleep

Since the Coronavirus began, WHO has been predicting doom for the African continent. It was a strategy to raise more money I guess.

At one point, they predicted that by Mid-April more than 40-50 Million Africans will be infected. They said by August 1.2 billion Africans would be infected by the Virus and more than 1 million deaths:D:D:D:D. I told one of my friends at WHO Geneva that it was unrealistic. That is the entire population of Africa.

Now, WHO is saying more than 190,000 Africans may die from the Virus and 4 Million infected by the time the vaccine is found. They have revised the model. It hurts WHO and International NGOs so much that Africa as a continent has low numbers that many countries in the world. They try to justify by saying we are not testing or misdiagnosing the disease.

People are losing sleep over why we are not dying like rats. Now the new song is Africans will die from AIDS, Malaria, and TB because there is no health system support.

well,it might be true but lets not relent man…alafu tuwache kuwachokoza ati “yes kidole sambusa”…unaeza pata na iyo kuashwa wanaashwa inaeza fanya warudi lab watuundie kitu ingine moto maybe ata ya skin ama gaseous…

and yes their models were right…given our behavior,carelessness and lack of proper healthcare capability they could have been right…ile kuponea tumeponea so far ni kimungumungu…bidii yetu maybe 10 percent but iyo ingine ni kmiujiza… With whats happening(in the name of returning back to normal) in CBD sai,muthurwa,gikomba,githurai,na other populated areas across the country,it is very easy to have millions infected…in KE alone…sasa piga iyo hesabu kwa the other countries too…

Tedros is African.

UN is a useless puppet. Anyway,africa will prevail,we have wars,famine,illiteracy and diseases but one thing those pasty mofos dont have ,is prevalance. They will throw everything at us but we keep pushing forward. Let them deal with their dead and dying

We you were one of the proponents of the “two weeks theory”. You are a prophet of doom. You feel bad that we are not dying. Shindwe wewe

Kimungumungu, why do you sound bitter that africans are not dying? Can you prove that their models were right? Then what happened?

WHO just wanted money to be able to operate in Africa with impunity, driving huge cars and having big allowances and salaries. Now that Africa has survived, they have to go back to the drawing board. They know the whole world knows Africa came out unscathed and so they have to come up with new projects.

God protected Africa

Saitan of COVID was defeated in Africa. Riswa!!

They kept saying, wait for it it is coming.

:D:D:D:D…si hivo…you got me wrong…see what i meant is that it is not the kagwe interventions that have helped

In short sisi Africans huwa tunaponea sana.

We are the chosen people. The superhuman race.