Who advises this Jubilee Government?????

Government lost KSh 2.44 billion in taxes on Kerosene and diesel following a drop in consumption of the two products by a combined 66.5 million litres in September.



Ile kitu imenishangaza Hata zaidi most twitter economists predicted this… Instead of raising money now GOK has lost billions. Why can’t Uhuru make David Ndii an advisor
Look at this alipredict even before… CS Rotich is the worst CS we have in the history of Kenya[ATTACH=full]207825[/ATTACH]

They get their advice from @spear

These advisers don’t understand that there is a limit to how much tax government can extract from a product after which any increase in rate leads to a drop in total tax collected

Uhuru/Ruto have totally ruined Kenya’s economy. Economic rapists. They are a DISASTER.

you are angry because Government lost KSh 2.44 billion in taxes?


No… Angry because this knee-jerk reaction has not brought the result it was intended to while at the same time the poor have been mostly affected. You know what it means by reduced consumption of kerosine? It means families are sleeping early and reduced cooking… Kama huoni shida Siwezi kukusaidia

I said then and I will say it again. IMF prescriptions are shit.

They always forget basic and proven economics, the more the consumption the better the profit,the better in tax collection.small margin profits but more quantity and u ll get more profits

Shida si hivyo…saw somewhere if gava reduces 5% budget in every ministry they will save 125billions…hawataki kureduce budget expenditures since zinaingia pockets zao.

hii ni anger tu bila concrete data to back you up. Let’s talk after 6months.

maybe the families/companies had stockpiled the fuel in advance, hence they didn’t buy for that month.
let’s wait for next month’s figures

Did not expect you to fall for this shit ngabu. WHY WERE THE TAXES ON DIESEL AND KEROSENE RAISED?

So where are these poor Kenyans keeping the 66.5 million litres they bought in advance during September

And what does reduced consumption of diesel mean?
Diesel vehicles can’t have suddenly reduced on the road or stopped operations.

Sasa una analyze after one month and expect to be taken seriously, acha jokes nani. Bizna zako za Tanzania zilikupatia profit after one month?

How much is being taxed per litre?