Whites Pale Seut Efrika

Wanakapitia kweli

Incident Report

On Sunday, 28 March 2021, my fiancé and I left our farm at 10:16 on-route to White River in order to go to Checkers for groceries. We had our dog with us.

When we were approaching White River, near the White River Country Club Estate, on the R40 – Direction White River.
We were going up the hill toward WR when several vehicles started overtaking on double solid lines, with no regard for oncoming traffic, pushing vehicles aside with their aggressive driving – nearly pushing us off the road.
At this point my fiancé Barend told me to take his phone and start recording them as they were driving very dangerously and recklessly, I proceeded to record them using his iPhone.
We were approaching Casterbridge circle, basically surrounded by these suspect vehicles. The one vehicle, a black range rover – no license plates - suddenly stopped in front of us, blocking our entry into the clear traffic circle. My fiancé then hooted at him as we were blocked in. The driver of the black range rover brought his car to a complete standstill in front of us, got out of his vehicle, pulled his firearm, and walked towards the drivers’ side of our vehicle.

My fiancé had already started closing his window to avoid a confrontation. I told him the man had a firearm, at the same time I checked behind us as we heard more men approaching and I noticed another man had stopped behind us and was approaching the vehicle with a large object.

My fiancé was keeping an eye on the man with the firearm telling me to get down low as he was concerned the man would shoot, when the other man, approaching from our rear swung the large, concrete divider at the drivers’ side window, smashing it instantly.
We had at least one firearm pointing at us. My fiancé knew we were in danger and needed to get out of there and reversed, smashing into the vehicle that was blocking our rear and then going off-road, over the barriers to get out from behind the black range rover blocking our entry to the traffic circle. At this point the driver of the Range Rover went around the front of his vehicle to block us off, his firearm was drawn and pointing at us the entire time. In order to avoid him, my fiancé reversed away from him, smashing into his vehicle also, in an attempt to get away from him, as he was pointing a firearm at us. My fiancé went over the traffic barriers to get away from them – and started driving towards White River police station as soon as possible for our own safety.

They chased us, and somehow along with a white VW, branded “Tactical Response Unit” with blue branding and GP number plates. My fiancé showed them we were going to the police, they persisted to try to push us off the road, driving recklessly in front of us, blocking us in every direction we took. We were chased by them, another white, similarly branded BMW SUV. A Mercedes Benz Sedan, a black Mercedes Benz Bus, a grey Mercedes Benz Bus and other vehicles we were unable to identify at the time.

Barend managed to take alternative routes to try to get to the police station, but at times we had to go over sidewalks to get away from the vehicles chasing us and pushing us off the road.
We managed to get to the police station and we immediately got out and ran inside. I shouted for help and told the police officers that we were being chased by armed men.

The officers took us into the “Radio Room”. We could see what was going on outside and we had a view of our vehicle, with its fully smashed window, and our dog sitting inside. My fiancé was still recording everything on his phone.

There were multiple men outside, these were not police officers, they were the men that blocked us at Caster Bridge circle, chased us through the streets of White River, and pulled firearms on us. They had now gathered outside the police station. Some of them stayed outside and surrounded our vehicle, and others came inside the police station requesting that the police must “let us out” and that they wanted our cell phones.

We were both terribly scared, we did not feel safe at any point in time, we felt that our lives were in danger. I could not understand how nothing was being done to these men who had already pulled firearms on us.

My fiancé was recording the entire time. The police did not like this, and neither did the men who had attacked us and were still threatening us, telling us to come outside that they can deal with us. Yelling through the windows that they will shoot us and that they are coming for us.

The Warrant officer told us to give our phones to them. We refused to do this as we were in our rights to record the incident.

The men were now knocking on the windows outside the radio room of the police station threatening us, telling us that they will kill us and that we must come outside.

At one point, one of the men who had pushed his way into the radio room where we were, (the police did not try to stop anyone) – this man called my fiancé by his first and last name, calling out our physical address in full, telling us they will come for us. Saying “this is not the last of this, we are coming for you and your wife” – This was done in full view and earshot of multiple police officers while my fiancé was recording everything with his cell phone.
At the same time, they yelled that they had judges and police in their pockets and that we have no idea who they are and who we are dealing with. Our lives felt threatened the entire time.
All the police did was threaten to take our phones, telling us repeatedly to hand our phones over to them and the men.
We refused.

The police then told us to go to another room down the passage – here we had limited view of our vehicle and our dog, but we complied. My fiancé was recording everything the entire time using his iPhone.

As we felt our lives were in danger we were reaching out to friends, attorneys, and security companies in an attempt to protect ourselves in a situation very much out of our control, in a place where we are supposed to be safe, but were instead repeatedly threatened by the men that chased us as well as the police officers on duty. They did not like the fact that we recorded them.

Our friend arrived as my fiancé had called him to help us with our dog. Barend went outside to help him get the dog safely out of our vehicle and into his, we asked the police to assist us with this and Divergent Ops had arrived to assist us. When Barend walked outside he saw that the men were now intimidating our friend trying to prevent him from helping us with our dog, Barend was still recording this and the men chased him inside the police station to get his phone - in full view of police and security companies. He wanted to get back inside to me when 4 men started assaulting him, inside the police station. None of the police tried to stop the men from entering the area that I was in and my fiancé was clinching his phone to his chest due to the importance of the footage, at the same time trying to get back to me to the so-called safe area, This is when I started recording.

My fiancé was assaulted by 4 men, in full view of police officers, inside the White River police station. Some of these men were armed, with firearms. As they tried to drag him outside by his head they told him they were going to shoot him. I thought he was going to be shot, I thought we were both going to be shot. This because the men that had chased and threatened us wanted my fiancé’s phone and my phone. While I was recording them the man pushed me and tried to grab my phone too. I went down the passage and started recording a second video. Barend was further assaulted and kicked while they were trying to pull him out of the police station. These men were armed. Our lives were in danger. My fiance’s life was in danger.

During the assault, the men managed to get the phone from my fiance and smashed it and took it with them. The police witnessed everything and did nothing.

From when we arrived at the police station we asked several times to make a statement and open a case. We were ignored and threatened, by police and the other men alike.

The one other driver, the one who pulled his firearm on us at Castor Bridge circle half-filled out an accident report. They were all free to go. No one performed any alcohol or drug test on these men, these men were permitted to leave, with their firearms and no consequences. We saw the police greet the men outside, at their vehicles, smiling and laughing.

At this time, Jacques Meiring from Divergent Ops was there, The moment our attorney arrived, everyone disappeared.

We were stuffed in a back room.

Throughout this ordeal, we were threatened through the windows of the police station, our lives were threatened repeatedly.

The police did nothing.

I am sharing this for our own safety - as advised by our Attorney. Please share.
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Serves them right

The only place this can happen in Ke is the North.

There’s mention of recording so many times… Why not release the recordings if indeed they do exist?! That would be very helpful to them in their pursuit of justice…




Happened in April 2021.

Unfortunate though for something like that to happen to someone. Hope they got justice

Black South Africans too go through a fair share of unfortunate events. Whites just form a demography that seems more appealing to victimize on account of their initial (and in some cases, current) exploits that hugely disadvantaged blacks. For instance, why would you create an enclave within South Africa called Orania and declare it a white-only place?! Like in the current SA, there is a place called Orania that is exclusively white and no other race is allowed to live there!

The fact that it happened in a police station says a lot…either it was sanctioned from above or it’s dude’s from a more powerful arm of government…once saw recce squad officer’s vurugaing ruiru police station and it was embarrassing for the boys in blue

Nelspruit is the HQ if white supremecists in SA. Maybe they were the leaders

Wazungu wamalizwe kabisa